Some basic Principles of Good Website Design

When it comes to Web Designing, one can look at the development of websites. We can see how these websites have been designed and how they shall be displayed on the internet. Under web design, we look at how the website’s layout should look like, whether the content of the website is clear or not and these can be followed by choosing the right colour of the website, the fonts that look appealing and whether information or content can be accessed easily. Such factors make a website look appealing and easy to use. Several companies like Blue Light Labs, an Atlanta web design company have been thriving in the web designing business. The most important factor here is to make sure that during web designing, you don’t make things too complicated. In most cases, simple designing makes the website easier to use.

Kinds of Web Designing

Today, Web Designing can be done on PCs and mobile phones. Based on this, we look at two specific ways of web design that will be discussed below.

  • Responsive Web Designing

When it comes to responsive designing, it will be noticed that the content here has been laid out simply and fixedly, which can be seen in all screens. This is done to ensure engagement and user trust. 

  • Adaptive Web Designing 

Coming to adaptive web designing, there are different versions of the web. This is done based on which device is being used to view the website. Different versions can also lead to different layouts and how information can be shown. Since mobile phones have a smaller screen, adaptive web designing focuses on content readability and this makes the website look more dynamic.

Elements of Web Designing 

When it comes to Web Designing there are certain factors that we can look into which can help make the website look even better.

  • Colour of the Website 

Nobody would want to visit a bland website with no colours for each content which is why colour makes a huge difference. Make sure that when you’re choosing colours for your website, each section of the website has a different colour. That way the website looks better on first sight and becomes easier to use.

  • Font of the Website

Having a simple and readable font makes the job easier. To use a fancy font may lead to users finding it difficult to read which doesn’t put a good impression. A simple font like Ariel could do the job well.

  • The layout of the Website 

There are certain ways in which you can layout your website. The easier and simpler the website is, the more user-friendly the website becomes. This is what helps your website get better.

  • Speed of the Website

This is a functional and important factor to consider. A slow website will not give you good reviews. You will notice that the top web designing companies, for example, Blue Light Labs have an optimum speed which makes it easier to access their website. Hence consider making sure that your website responds instantly.

Many other factors are needed for web designing but the above-mentioned points are a must if you want to have a good website.

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