Patricia Torres

Guitjoo Patricia Torres – Working in LA with a Promoter

Patricia Torres has a soul full of talents. She is working as a PR Director and Media Coordinator for Bobby Dee Presents. She is developing her skills while working in the industry. Industry gives a chance to take steps in a particular profession.

The Journey Of Patricia Torres:

Patricia Torres starts her career as a backstage TV host. She took interviews with all musicians before they went on stage. Patricia Torres was doing her work with full interest. Later on, her mother takes her to the USA when she was only nine years old. It was a significant change for Patricia Torres. This place brings a new place, new people, and also new dreams. The most significant difficulty is that she didn’t know how to speak English. Patricia’s family’s legal status has not been secured in the United States. She had the urge to work and succeed in any condition.

After some time, Patricia asked her mom to do some fascinating so that she could be able to do a job; then her mother facilitated the use of fake Documents so that she would be able to get a job in any place. Fortunately, all in vain, and she got her first job as a cashier at McDonald’s.

After great hard work and potential, she would be able to obtain her residency here in the United States. She worked hard from start to end and brought fruit. The hardships never stopped her at any point. She steps from being hungry to get success on every point. She always struggled hard for her job, no matter what the circumstances are.

Patricia’s passion:

Patricia’s passion is to take an interest in the life stories of artists. Her true love is speaking with the artists and make them feel to be friendly with her. Her creativity leads her on different levels. Patricia’s passion gives her a glance of success. Now, Patricia’s life is full of charms. She is currently doing a great job from which she can earn enough for herself and her mother. Patricia is in charge of its public images, social media pages, media, press, and website pages or images. She is also working as a creative director, developing the before and after pictures with the artist. She has a well-known experience with the artist. She can handle their moods and requirements in a good manner.

Patricia’s true passion is to work hard and break the records of the entertainment industry. She is recently working in an in-charge of all media requests for different venues, marketing, and the company’s image. She is also working on event planning and weddings.

Bobby Dee Presents:

Bobby Dee Presents allows the young generation to show their skills and to get hired. The simple is that about 20 years ago, Bobby Dee took steps in the market with a great vision. After over the years, Bobby Dee has presented the science of art, painting, music, and different organizational forms. 


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