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A Successful women Lelas Alwaleed

According to the successful businesswomen, Lelas Alwaleed, tradition and beauty are essential in every field of life. In broadcasting, she said that traditions, cultures are much necessary than beauty. She also gave her view about this program; Lelas Alwaleed said that these programs encourage the media and support the Youngers’ new talent and broaden their vision. She also said that there is much talent in the media, and we should encourage them and need the training to polish their skills and become more and more successful in this world. Lelas Alwaleed said that it does not mean that education is not essential, it’s much necessary, but you should have talent also because there is nothing without talent.


Lelas Alwaleed loves the world of fashion and its beauty; she also likes to travel and become adventurous. Her hobby is sports. Her favorite sport is horseback riding. She has become professional and traditional. She represents the many types of serial regarding her interest, like tourism, games, and trend. She composes her national advantage to take the benefit of the UAE. You will find her love of fashion through her fashion sense and style that make her prominent in others. Her style statement is quite different and unique from other Arab ladies.

Lelas Alwaleed and the United Arab Emirates:

In her interview, Lelas Alwaleed said that the UAE undertakes variations of the welfare advantage. Throughout the years, in all the celebrations, UAE is nothing but a medium and the inspiration for all the people who lived on this beautiful land and took part in it as much as possible, whether it is the energetic events or activates.

Lelas Alwaleed also said that she likes all the United Arab Emirates where she lives and feels proud to live there. She also said that she shows her feelings and love towards this beloved land. She expresses her passion for UAE in her own way. Lelas Alwaleed said that she appreciates and encourages, supports her leadership vision.

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