What Does A Criminal Lawyer Oakland Do?

If you’re suspected or arrested for a criminal offense, and you’re facing trial, then it’s very likely that you need to hire an attorney. To hire the most suitable one, you must learn how to select the right criminal defense lawyer for your case. If you hire the best one, you may get a good deal or even get your charges reduced. But what does a criminal defense lawyer do? In general, a lawyer’s role is geared towards ensuring that you’re treated fairly and effectively throughout the entire process.

The Role Of Criminal Lawyers

Because every criminal case is different, criminal defense attorneys are trained extensively to distinguish each case’s various aspects. In some states, criminal lawyers have separate licenses and practice areas. Essentially, they work to uncover the subtle reasons and evidence needed to prove their client’s innocence and achieve a favorable outcome.

One of the things your lawyer will be looking for when handling your criminal case would be whether there’s enough evidence for you to be convicted. For your criminal defense team to properly represent your case, you must retain them. You also have to prepare to give them your financial information and access to any records you may have to build a strong case for your innocence. 

Before hiring a criminal lawyer Oakland, it’s crucial to understand what these legal professionals can do for you. Here are some of their responsibilities:

  1. Investigate And Analyze Your Case

When someone is facing criminal charges, one of the first things they should do is seek out an experienced lawyer’s services. The lawyer will conduct an investigation and analyze the situation. Criminal defense lawyers not only take part in investigating the case, but they also present their findings and arguments in court to get the best results possible. The more skilled a lawyer is at his or her job, the more successful they will be at winning the case.

  1. Help With Mitigation Of Charges

A good criminal defense attorney should be very familiar with the charges you face and tell you how each fit into your case. If you were arrested for DUI, for example, and your trial involves drunken driving, your lawyer should know the penalty you’ll be given for your first offense. It will help them properly prepare you for your trial.

In addition to knowing how long your sentences will be, your criminal defense lawyer will also need to know how much jail time to expect, as well as how long you will be on probation. The information will help your lawyer plan your defense and make it easier to defend you and get you a better deal if you were found guilty. Be sure that your lawyer understands the legal process and the local guidelines for your state.

  1. Help You Avoid Penalties Or Jailtime

Expert criminal lawyers apply their legal knowledge to uncover and analyze hidden facts and arguments to win your case. They also can spot particular points and issues that can negate or mitigate any possible crime. They’ll also be your best advocate if you ever find yourself in the dock with the authorities. 

Once this step has been completed, the lawyer will work to put together the strongest possible defense. This may involve employing various tactics and strategies to help prove your innocence. The next step in the process involves presenting any evidence gathered at the initial phase of the case, including physical or oral evidence, fingerprints, or even handwriting samples. The law firm may also request statements and records from witnesses and potential victims to back up their testimony.

After presenting these pieces of evidence, the lawyer will continue to use the same strategy throughout the trial to convince the jury to find in your favor by providing them with enough compelling and undeniable proof. It’s crucial that your criminal defense team always stays on top of all developments in your case and never loses sight of your goal to acquit.


There are various types of criminal lawyers, and each of them specializes in a certain type of crime or charge. These legal experts often work together as a team to help clients fight against their charges. Try to get hold of the local bar association and ask for any recommendations for attorneys that practice in your area. While bar associations do not usually provide reviews of their lawyers, they should be able to point you in the proper direction when trying to find a good criminal defense attorney.

Make sure to set up a meeting with your preferred criminal lawyer. You may either interview a prospect over the phone or in person. In either case, you want to make sure that you feel comfortable with your attorney before meeting him or her in person.

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