Use Screen Time Control to Add Value to Your Children’s Life.

We all love our kids. However, we need to understand that love is not only a word but also actions. I guess you bought your kids a smartphone when he/she performed well in class. That was great of you. But it could be unfortunate if you don’t know how the kid uses that phone. Could they be accessing inappropriate content without your knowledge? I mean, it’s just a possibility.

Other than phones, they could be spending tens of hours a day watching movies on TV or online on their laptops. The fact is that we cannot ignore the time spent by our kids on screens for the name of loving them.

Nowadays, the internet has become dangerous than the strangers we feared most in the past days. You don’t have to warn your kids against a bad company because “bad company” is on their phones. Children will interact and share with all types of people on the various social media platforms available.

Some fraudsters are spending hours on the internet intending to lure children, and yours could fall victims. Someone may lure your child into giving them your personal details, and you end up losing millions in the bank.

A loving parent should limit the time spent on screens by the children, however how they respond. Some may be against your idea, but it is for their benefit and not you. If children fail to get enough sleep while on phones, they may develop some health complications. If this will happen, you will end up paying their medical bills. Therefore, it’s better to be responsible for your kid’s screen time control instead of waiting for the consequences to find you.

Although you can make family rules on the use of phones and other electronics, advice to your children is also paramount. And if you have been applying these tricks unsuccessfully, you can start using the parental control apps to monitor your kids’ location and on-screen activities. The best app for effective screen time control is the FamiSafe parental control app for iPhone and Android devices.

Features of FamiSafe Parental Control Application.

Users will not install any application that isn’t handy with features that solve the users’ needs. That is why FamiSafe boasts of millions of downloads because parents love the amazing features of this app. Wondershare developed this application with the idea of building better generations in the future. Below are the unique features of the FamiSafe parental control app:

  1. Geofencing.

This is one of the unique features that isn’t offered by any other parental control app or software. Parents can set an area known to be safe for the children on this app. The area could be your home, a daycare center, or a school. The application marks a Geofence of a 100m radius. If they walk out of home when you are in town or at work, a notification will come to your phone and take the right action. The same will happen if they leave school if your Geofence encloses the school compound.

  • Real-time Location.

Sometimes, it’s challenging to know someone’s specific location unless you are with him/her. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to have your kids wherever you are. Sometimes we need to have time with friends, customers, business suppliers, and other categories of people we deal with every day. That way, we cannot afford to have our children all along.

Wondershare’s FamiSafe parental control app offers a real-time location of your kids. You can check any time to see where your kids are located when you are not around them. More to the location, you also get the location history of your kid. You can see the precise location by zooming on the location history map. It can be helpful if your kids left their toys with their friends but aren’t specific about the places they visited. You can make a follow up from the homes they visited.

  • Activity Report.

This feature helps a parent to see time-specific activities on the kid’s phone. You will see the apps they opened, downloaded, and installed and the specific time when they did that. You can also view the websites they accessed. From this, you can make an informed decision on the apps that are addictive to your child and take the necessary steps.

Other Features.

Browsing history.

– Content filtering feature.

– App blocking feature.

How to Use FamiSafe Parental Control App.

After downloading and installing the app on your Android or iPhone device, sign up on both phones. Remember to sign up as a parent on your phone and as a kid on the kid’s phone. Use similar details sign up on both phones. After connecting, the phones allow all the popping up access requests.

Price of FamiSafe Parental Control App. 

With monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions, the app can synchronize 5, 10, and 30 gadgets per plan, respectively. The annual plan is the cheapest, with a monthly cost of only $5.


FamiSafe Parental Control App is the best for any parent who wishes to control the kids’ phone usage. It is an affordable way of linking to your family and ensuring their safety.

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