Nicotine E-liquid Strength: All You Need To Know

Shopping for e-liquids or vapes can be a daunting task! But, it shouldn’t discourage you from shopping for the right vape, especially if you want to quit smoking. So, here we are going to tell you everything about choosing the right e-liquid.

Nicotine and CBD Vapes

Generally, vapes are classified into two categories-

Nicotine Vapes

A Nicotine vape is designed to create a sensation of smoking without any combustion. They contain lithium-ion batteries. You can customize nicotine options from 0% up to 5%, and the flavors range from unflavored to tobacco or desserts.

Though all nicotine vapes are called e-cigarettes, the term is primarily used for small devices that look the same as a cigarette. E-cigarettes, Box mods, Pod vapes, etc., are some of its variations.

CBD or Cannabis Vapes

CBD vapes are portable battery-powered devices that are used with THC, CBD, dry herbs, or other botanicals. CBD vape pens, weed oil pens, portable cannabis vaporizers, etc., are some of the types of CBD vapes to choose from.

Nicotine Vapes

Nicotine is an alkaloid found in nightshade plants, such as potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, etc. However, it is abundant enough in the tobacco plant that can be extracted and refined. Besides, it is also synthesized in the laboratory.

Nicotine works as a relaxant and stimulant, providing the users with different effects, like calmness, mood elevation, alertness, etc. Since it is physically and psychologically addictive, smokers use e-juice with some amount of nicotine.

The Two Great Options: Regular Nicotine and Nic Salts

The popularity of Nic salts is the main reason you will find nicotine strength jumping from 3 mg to 6 to 25 or 60 in the shops nowadays. Nic salts use acids that smoothen the throat sensation and make the nicotine concentration tolerable for the vapers.

On the other hand, regular nicotine is a bit harsh if taken at a very high level. However, there are a few exceptions. Most of the users say that 6 mg regular nicotine feels less or more like 20-25mg nicotine salts.

And, with such high concentrations, nic salts have become similar to pod systems or other vape devices with the low vapor output. The small atomizers on the pod vapes need high nicotine concentration to give a satisfying experience to the users.

So, What is the Right Nicotine Strength for you?

Well, if you are a newbie, you need to consider two things while picking the nicotine strength, i.e., the type of device you plan to use and your smoking habits. But, vapor output is the most important factor that tells the amount of nicotine consumed.

So, below are a few suggestions based on vapor output. However, remember that the best nicotine strength is the one that keeps you from combustible cigarettes.

Low Vapor (discreet clouds)

It includes MTL (mouth-to-lung) tanks and pod tanks with a tight airflow. High strength nicotine salt is the preferable choice for this category. It contains 12-24 mg/ml nicotine and 30-60 mg/ml nicotine salts.

Medium Vapor (average clouds)

This category includes airy MTL tanks, pod systems that have a restricted lung draw. It uses around 10-12 mg/ml nicotine and approx 20-30 mg/ml nicotine salts.

High Vapor (big clouds)

It includes rebuildable atomizers with big airflow channels. As these devices produce so much vapor that it is easy to get a lot of nicotine too quickly, finding nicotine salts for this category isn’t that easy. It contains equal quantities of nicotine and nic salts.

If you want to quit smoking, it is recommended to try a low vapor device. It will help the smokers to switch to vaping smoothly.

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