How to Purchase Discount Gift Cards

Discount gift cards are a fantastic way to save money. With the holiday season fast approaching many consumers are looking to get that special gift for family and loved ones, it is an expensive time of year. This year more than most many people are struggling just to make ends and having to ease back on that holiday spending.

Discount gift cards can be a great way to save money and still give family and loved ones a special gift.

The market for gift cards is massive, in 2019 alone over six hundred billion dollars was spent on gift cards, a percentage of these are resold at discounted value, meaning you can buy the card for less than its worth.

In this article we are going to discuss the best way to buy these cards and save yourself up to 30% in some instances.

Where can I Buy Discount Gift Cards?

The internet is an obvious source of discount cards as many of the gift cards that are discounted are for online shops and marketplaces. Giants like Amazon and eBay are two of the most notable, but most online shops regardless of size run gift card schemes.

Unwanted or unused cards are sometimes sold at less than face value to online dealers who then sell the card on to other consumers. There are many web pages dedicated to selling discounted cards. One of the most popular sites for discount gift cards is

Auction Sites

Auction sites like eBay can be a great source of discount gift cards. Often you can get a better deal on sites like this because effectively you are cutting out the middleman. One of the main downsides of buying this way is the lack of choice that is normally available. However, if you are willing to put the time in to keep an eye out for when that bargain does come up, then the rewards can be worth the effort.

This method is not as secure as buying through a reputable website, but eBay and PayPal offer their assurances if goods do not come up to scratch, or in the case of gift cards, they aren’t what they promised to be.

Social Media

Many people sell their unwanted gift cards on social media sites such as Facebook. There are numerous groups on Facebook that are oriented towards the selling and buying of gift cards and it may be worth joining a few of these to see what is on offer.

The obvious downside of buying on this forum is the lack of comeback if the card you purchase isn’t working or even if you don’t receive it. Once again it is prudent to check to see who you are buying from before you make that purchase.

Tips on Buying Gift Cards

Don’t wait until the last minute: – The best deals aren’t always available at the times that suit you. Particularly during the holiday season when demand is high the resellers will be reflecting this demand in the prices they charge. Remember this is a commodity you are buying and commodity prices fluctuate with the market. Get in early and you will save more money. Another reason to buy early is that physical cards can take several days to ship.

Buy from Reputable Sellers: – Whether you are buying from a web retailer or Facebook or even from the shop on the corner, do some background checks to make sure of their credentials.

Be wary of the offer: – This particularly applies if the card is for an unusual denomination, for instance cards that offer values like $18.67 or $8.42, gift cards are usually purchased for rounded sums like $10.00. Sums other than this can often mean the card has been partially used. It is best to avoid these.

Final Thoughts

Buying discount gift cards is a great way of saving money and if you take a bit of time and a cautious approach then the savings can be well worth the effort.

To get the best deals you often need to be in quickly, so it is worth studying the marketplace first and see what websites and shops etc. offer the best deals and when they generally offer them. As was noted, this is a commodity market and as such prices will fluctuate depending on market forces.

The savings that can be made by shopping about and buying at the right times will make your efforts well worth your while.

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