Guide to Starting Your Health and Fitness Journey

Getting into a new health regime can be one of the scariest ventures. Picturing the goal, you have in mind might seem like it requires a lot from you, and at times, it might feel overwhelming leading you to put it off for months.

Postponing your journey is something you should avoid, and there are simple ways to get on this fitness journey with our simple guide.

Ensure you are making it interesting

To keep you motivated and working hard on your goal, you need to try and make the journey fun. Try and get into an active activity that you wouldn’t mind doing every day for a few hours in a day, could be joining the gym, some aerobics, boxing, swimming, the list is endless. Just ensure you change it up from time to time to keep it interesting.

Make sure you start slow.

When starting your workout journey, you need to start slow, build up slowly to remove the pressure of attaining your goal. To get a fit body is a process and a lifestyle, it is not something you can achieve overnight, thus, take baby steps to accomplish your goal. Start with short sessions of kickboxing, swimming or gym—a few hours in a day at least three times a week. Remember, consistency is key in seeing results.

Setbacks are okay, don’t stress about it.

When working out, it is important to listen to your body and take time off when you need to, remember this is a journey and cannot be completed in one day. Take the break, cheat a little on the burgers and fries, then get back into it. Even the healthiest gurus we follow have those unhealthy days, so enjoy it and don’t feel guilty.

Picture the whole process as a journey

We say fitness is a journey because you can’t attain your body goals overnight. It takes a little bit more than just going to the gym; you need to watch your eating habits; your stress levels could also affect your goal, your sleeping patterns. You get the picture; it is a new lifestyle you are getting into, thus a journey. Ensure you take a step back and reflect on how far you have come and how close you are to achieving your goal; this will help keep you motivated.

Try and make it social.

It is easy to stick to a goal when you do it with a community, this could be your friends family or just making new friends at the gym, or during kickboxing. A community helps to keep you on track and excited for your workout sessions. If you like doing some running or walking, consider having a training buddy to keep you moving.

Ensure you commit to yourself

The most important thing for the fitness journey is making this commitment to yourself. It is a journey, and if you are not fully committed to where you are heading, you will not attain the goal. Ensure you balance your emotions and stay focused on your fitness goal.

Final thoughts

What you need to remember is to be kind to yourself, this is a new step you are taking in your life so expect to have some ups and downs along the way.

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