Top 10 Simple Ways to Make Money Online

 Thanks to the popularity of the Internet, you can make full use of your free time and make more money online.  Below, we give you information about the Top 10 ways to help you make money online simply and effectively.

 1. Upload stories online

Upload free comics to apps and websites to earn money through reading like Free Manga ( or read manga online on Upload and make money over 1000 views.  Although this is not a way to get rich, but it also helps you earn a few dollars after a few minutes of uploading manga.  With Free Manga, you can make money by watching views or watching videos to earn points… and earn bonus points in exchange for Amazon, Walmart gift cards, or receive money via PayPal.

 2. Freelance (Freelance)

 With your skills and skills, you can try out freelancing jobs.  First, you can do writing-related work.  Fiverr is a check-out site with jobs starting at $ 5 and even more.  Second, teaching English is also a popular job online nowadays.  Third, you can do odd jobs under the “gigs” (jobs) section of Craigslist.

 3. Play money games

 With the support of platforms like google play or Apple Store or Amazon Store, gamers can answer the question of how to make money online?  – You can make money online by playing games, you just need to download the developers’ games to your computer to play, the more players, the more the publisher deduct the money they get from the ads.  Reward gamers.

 4. Invest in real estate

 Real estate is a very effective passive income investment channel if you calculate and accept the risks.  RoofStock, for example, focuses on the purchase and sale and lease of family homes.  Fundrise will require a minimum investment of $ 500, but its annual profit will range from 8.5% -10.5%.

 5. Invest with stockbrokers

 Stock exchanges may sound intimidating, but you can still get in without too much knowledge.  You can invest one through an intermediary company (for example, E * TRADE) and you can freely trade stocks, options or ETFs at zero price.  For the more experienced, you can try Zacks Trade for a reasonable and clear price – trading stocks and ETFs will cost you $ 0.01 per share (minimum value $ 3).  Or you can check out Ally Invest – no commission fees and minimum balance required.

 6. Be an online assistant

 Working as an online assistant can help you earn $ 16 per hour, work volume and working time are flexible, depending on the requirements of that job.  As long as you have a laptop, headset, phone and good communication skills, you can give it a try.

 7. Sale or lease of property

 You can sell unused items through Ebay.  Opening an account is free, but if you want to sell more than 50 items / month, you must subscribe to service packages with prices ranging from $5 – $ 4,999.95 annual maintenance fee.  In addition, Craigslist is a complex “online marketplace” but is still a very popular and free online shopping place.  You can also post your rentals on Airbnb.  The 5% service charge may get some people thinking, but this is a great place to post if you want to rent it out to foreigners.

 8. Download apps to make money online

 Many money-making apps will send you an amount each time you make a purchase.  For example, Vibetoon Studio play game make money can refund you up to 50% of the advertising value they receive.  You can exchange your points for a gift card or receive money back to PayPal with the procedure quite simple.  You can transfer money to your PayPal or Venno account with a minimum of $ 5.

 9. Make Youtube video

 Making a Youtuber is not just for playing games!  If you have an idea or a product you want to share, you can use Youtube to make money.  To become an official YouTube partner and monetize your views, you must own a channel with 1,000 subscribers and reach 4,000 watch hours within the last 12 months.  You can then partner with Google AdSense and make money when someone clicks on and watch your ad play while your video is running.  Another way is to advertise the product directly in your video.

 10. Do graphic design

 While the graphic design market is competitive, getting a job is actually not as difficult as you might think.  You can draw comics and post them on comic book websites to sell your work.  You need to build your brand on the comic book series that you pursue as manga, webtoon manhwa or manhua.  And you need to carefully define the line of comics you are pursuing, eg Bl or Yaoi, or hentai manga or manhwa hentai.  Also you need to know the top 10 websites and apps that let you upload your works to make money, here are the top 10 webtoon and free manga apps you should know.  The idea to “show off” a lot of products and connect to many people through social networks to increase their own opportunities.

 Here are the top 10+ webtoon manga apps you can upload boys love, bl manga and yaoi works for free to make money online in 2020.

 1 – Webtoon Naver

 2 -Daum Webtoon

 3- Netcomics

 4 – Manycomic Entertainment

 5 –

 6 –

 7 –

 8 –

 9 –

 10 –

 11- Manytoon Comics



 No need to invest too much money, do not need to know too much about business, with the Internet and creative thinking, you can absolutely make more income online!

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