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The 23-year-old started selling sweets at 16 and now has generated over millions from his dreams

We are living in the era where young generation giving rises to the next generation with motivational ideas. People are going more and more to create their businesses and earn money through different ideas and strategies. They are investing in some business and using it to make their future bright.

Lesiba Mothupi:

Lesiba Mothupi is a businessman. He used to handle a million-dollar business institute. He was born in 1997. Lesiba Mothupi was born in the town of Polokwane, which is situated in South Africa. He has two siblings. He used to do work at a very young age.  

Beginning of Voyage:

Lesiba Mothupi used to work at the age of 14. At this young age, he carried himself to do with his friend as entrepreneurship. At the age of 15, he developed his interest in skateboarding. He used to spend more time skateboarding. When some asked him what his passion was, he always said that he wants to fulfill his dreams, but he can’t because he hasn’t enough to take them in his place. After some time, his friend died, and it was a significant turning point in his life.

Later on, he starts walking in the streets alone and makes himself a hopeless and helpless person in the world. Then, he starts smoking and drinking. He put himself in darkness and used to abuse his fate.


In 2018, Lesiba Mothupi took him out of darkness to support his family. He starts investment but all in vain, and he left himself with a 100k debt. But at the age of 22, many companies help him, and he starts to make a million in a month and then a second million next month. He brought his dream car Mercedes Benz A45.

Forex Chasers Motto is own by young entrepreneur Lesiba Mothupi, who wants to educate the young generation with his skills and achievements. The main goal of Forex Chaser is to make money, not to educate them, but they have to focus on their skills for a great future and success.   

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