Roundup: The Hot Half Dozen for November 23, 2020

Euphoric Sad Songs, album by Raye.

 Euphoric Sad Songs is a 9-track  mini-album  which  followed the release of her current single “Love Of Your Life” and  her hot recent single “Natalie Don’t,” which has racked up over 2.1 million streams in the U.S. Euphoric Sad Songs is  full of emotional, precise, and just plain fun songs. Available on all platforms. Check out the YouTube video “Love of your Life” from the album.

Things to Come, single by Jeremy Parsons. The journey that got the incredibly talented country balladeer here is the fourth singe and the title track on his upcoming album.  Very personal, very enjoyable, great Texas Country with heart.  Stream on Spotify

Cypress Grove , single by Glaive. On EP. 

The 15-year old breakout artist has a sweet, gentle touch that is really captivating emo/pop.  He has been releasing songs on various platforms and gaining steady traction.  With Cypress Grove, it is easy to see why. Available on all platforms

Ghost Town, single/video Rocky Dawani. YouTube.

Ghost Town” is from Grammy-nominated Ghanaian singer’s just released new EP entitled Voice of Bunbon, Vol. 1.  Sad, haunting, inspiring, it speaks of the challenges the human race faces and hope that we will meet them.  Dawuni combines the best of Ghana’s soft rock sound with a Caribbean feeling in a ballad that you will play over and over.  Available on YouTube.

Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios). Album by Kali Uchis.

I love Kali Uchis and especially this song.  She can be tough, soft, romantic, vengeful – all in the same song while pulling off blatantly, untouchably sexual.   A smooth subtle, swaying tale of what lives in you and her…absolutely hypnotic.  Video on YouTube.  Stream or download the song on all platforms

My Friends, single by Eric Zayne.

Eric does it again – rock with unique personality!  The feel is majestic, the lyrics are rap-smart, the beat is complex and perfectly scaffolds his urgent voice. There is even a touch of Beatles – listen for it as Eric plays with you no his way to heaven/hell with his friends. If you are not an Eric Zayne fan, you will be after you hear My Friends.  Available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes. YouTube

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