Popular Fashion Influencer Lena Explains How Colors Have More Power Than You Know

Lena has made a name for herself, even if we don’t know her full name. She has amassed over four million followers on her Instagram page, which is an extraordinary feat. Out of a billion Instagram pages, it’s quite the accomplishment to be one of the top 5,000 biggest pages, especially without ever showing her face or last name.

The mystery is part of the appeal of following Lena, but the biggest pull is her exceptionally bold use of colors in her fashion photoshoots. You will see very vibrant colors used, usually as singular solid colors, making for an incredibly striking look.

There is an art to what Lena is doing. She has shared the reason behind using such a strong fashion scheme in her photos. According to Lena, colors have more power than we may think they do. Think back to Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. She strolled down the yellow brick road in darling ruby heels. Thanks to the stark contrasts and contexts, new perspectives could be seen.

Colors can take you on a journey. You have to trust the path they take you on as Lena did. That first step isn’t as hard as we make it out to be. In fact, it’s the easiest, according to Lena.

She recommends listening to yourself when it comes to color. Pick out colors that call to you. Give yourself the freedom to follow it freely. Even small choices, like what shade of shoes to wear, should be essential to keep in mind. She also recommends being mindful of the tone of things like your evening gown because, while it may not seem like it at first, that will help you tap into an inner power you didn’t even realize was within you.

Lena explores the full spectrum of color visible to us. There is a great deal of color to work with! She uses colors of all kinds to boost her mood, and she enjoys sharing that with her millions of followers. You can think of Lena as an inspirational color guru who can take you on a vibrant and surreal journey through the color spectrum.

At the end of the day, wearing colorful outfits brightens Lena’s mood, which is something she really appreciates, given that she suffers from a chronic illness. Dressing up with cheerful color schemes helps her feel normal, especially on those days when her chronic illness flares up more.

She has no plans to stop anytime soon given how much she and others get out of it. However, she does have plans to open up more about her struggle with chronic illness, in the hopes that she can make a positive difference in the lives of others suffering from it.

You can follow Lena’s Instagram page @Panthere_instyle to stay updated on some of the most alluring outfits and vibrant photoshoots you will ever see. She also recently started a website called Lena’s World, where she shares tips and insights around fashion, beauty, wellness, and travel.

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