How to avoid being tracked on iPhone (2020)

The iPhone has a fantastic ability to point out your location using different tricks and technologies. And it can make this place data available to apps that you have been installed. It’s a great plan to audit the app you have established that can access your location, data, and also for command when they have access to it. As you know that your mobile knows where you are located. You can also change location to anywhere for iPhone and that works with all location-based AR games and many other things by using platforms like Goooch. This is actually how your GPS works, how to search your friends, sees your place, and why you get the local ads on Google and Facebook and you even change the location as well. Here we help you to how you can stop your phone from tracking you. Let’s get started:-

1.    Tweak your phone’s location setting:

It is possible that you can prevent tracking iPhone and Android activity, but the organization does not make it easy. The characteristics are buried inside your mobile phone privacy setting, and by default, it records your daily routine as well. You are called as periodic locations. It tells us where your site is and how much time you spend there. It tells us where your home town and office is, how much time you spend there, and the number of times you visit.

If you find the unsetting, you can turn the characteristics off. Here we will the necessary steps, but it’s all depending upon your specific model and operating system; you may need to follow a different set of requirements.

Turn off location setting on the Apple Devices:

  • Click setting
  • Go to privacy
  • Select the location services
  • Scroll down to system services
  • Choose significant locations to see the login record of where you have been and catch it off.
  • You can also delete your phone history by clicking the Clear history option.

2.    Reduce AD tracking:

Stop the spot tracking may help us the greatest; due to this reason, we also favor to oppose the poster. iPhone and Android give built-in options to decrease and limit ad tracking. These options will not totally stop organizations from tracking your mobile phone activities, and they not reduce the number of ads you see. Still, they will allow you to reset your advertising ID and unlock any targeted advertising profiles related to your gadgets. There’s also a big iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12 situation.

Here how to reduce poster tracking on both I pad and Android:

I phone, I pad, or I pod Touch:-

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Privacy
  • Tap Advertising
  • Fastener limit poster tracking to on.
  • You can also set your Advertising identifier again in this section to unlink any earlier data related to your Apple ID.

3.    Stop Google from tracking your every move:

Google services also store your location data even if you have to twitch the privacy setting on your I phone or Android gadgets. It would help if you had to turn off the Google location trace. Try these settings:-

Turn off the web and the App Activity:-

  • Sign in to your Google Account
  • Select the Data and personalization option
  • Under the Activity controls tap, there will be Web and app activity, and then turn it off the option.

4. Use GPS spoofing app to hide your true location:

There exist some GPS location apps which can help you to trick your phone. Take Goooch for example. It only takes 3 steps to hide location.

Step1. Download the software of Goooch from its official website: on you PC.

Step2. Connect your Iphone to your PC and choose Trust this device.

Step3. Search a location you want to show on your phone on the map showed in PC screen. Everything is ready. Now you can enjoy a safe journey when surfing the Internet.

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