Best Bushcraft and Survival Skills

People have been asked for social distancing and isolation but few like me are struggling to do so.During this struggle I came out with a solution and that is to go out in wild and explore nature, isn’t it a great idea.

I started learning few tips and tricks and that helped me a lot during my recent adventure in wilderness, so I thought why not to share it.

These skills will help you survive in nature with a minimum of equipment, that’s what actually called real bush craft. There are one or two most important tools like the best camping axe  to carry while in wild to help you building shelter and even hunting and preparing meat for cooking.

5 most skills you should know while in nature

  1. Using coal fungus

Coal fungus can be found in dead ash trees easily and it’s a great for lightening fire when dry but most importantly it can be used as a mosquito repellent.

How to use

Split the stick from the top with the help of knife or a small camping axe in four and place the smoldering crumpled fungus inside and cover it with moss. This will create a smoke when burnt and help you keep safe from the mosquitoes and bugs at night.

  • Using Humble tin can

Very useful for survival just snap off the ring pull by moving it backwards and forward.Breake one end of the ring and bend it to 90 degrees. You need to rub the one end of it against the rough stone to create a sharp point and your fishing hook is ready ,just tie it with a string and you are good to go.

The rest of the tin can be used as a small stove for burning wood for heating purposes and cooking food or boiling water.

  • Using trees resin

Many of the trees produce sticky glue called resin that actually protect trees from insects but you can take advantage of it.

How to use resin

Collect the white resin with the help of a stick and put it in the container and melt it on the stove. When it’s heated it will convert into black tar called pitch and you can mold it on the stick to be used when required. This molded pitch when required heated again and to be used as a sticky glue for weather seal the mortise and tenon joints.

  • Making cup or water container with a wooden log

No need to worry if you don’t have a steel cup or any water container in wild, with the help of a log with 3 inches of diameter and 6 inches of height you can create your own natural water container.

How to make it

Place the log on any even surface or chopping block and place your knife or axe down the middle of the log and batten it down and before it get split entirely make another cross section  at 90 degrees to the one you made earlier.

Now split the log into four pieces and no each individual pieces with pen or charcoal. On each individual piece saw the groove about an inch above the bottom of the cup then use your knife to split the inner parts of the quarters off.

Tidy  these cuts up afterwards to make sure they are smooth and even and now when put the pieces again together you will have the cavity. Fasten the cut together with any cord.

  • Using roots of trees

Roots of many conifer trees can provide you natural cordage for building shelters etc. you just need to dig the surface with the help of a stick until you find the roots. You just need to gently pull it up and take off the rigid outer layer of the root with the help of two sticks.

This will get you flexible inner layer of root which is very handy to be used as a cord.


Most of us are having lockdown during this pandemic situation so I thought why not share some idea with people to go out in wild and explore nature. I have been spending time in isolation in wild and its giving me peace of mind and I have learnt lot more skills and enjoyed the natural beauty.

It’s a great opportunity for us to spend some time in wild and get the peace of mind that we all need to avoid stress and anxiety.

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