Anthony Mackie – Co-Star of Upcoming Disney+ Series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” – Tapped to Produce and Star in Netflix Thriller “The Ogun”

Wanna know what it looks like when a respected actor hits the mainstream in a huge way, poised to become an even bigger star than is already abundantly the case? Then look no further Dear and Constant Readers to the breaking news this very day about Mr. Anthony Mackie from the cooler-than-a- Snickers-candy bar crew over at The Hollywood Reporter.

 Per those wall-crawling beasts of prose comes the news that Anthony Mackie will be pulling double duty in the upcoming Netflix action thriller The Ogun: The critically lauded actor known for such blockbuster movies as 8 Mile, Million Dollar Baby, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Wetlands will be producing and starring in this new film about a father, Xavier Rhodes, who takes his daughter to Nigeria in order to find a cure for an illness which he has passed on to her via that vexing thing known as genetics. To say that things do not go right might very well be one of the bigger filmatic understatements: The daughter is kidnapped and Rhodes must fight his way through the Nigerian underworld to rescue her before she is either killed or before she succumbs to her illness. Either way, you just know that it’s going to be a loooong day for Mackie’s Everyman character.

 In an interesting twist, the screenwriter for The Ogun comes to his Underwood via the world of stunts: Former stuntman turned scripter Madison Turner is providing the words for the Netflix production which is being described in a very Robert Altman-The Player type of way as a cross between Dante’s Inferno and John Wick. Throw into that particular mix Streisand’s 1983 opus Yentl and I’m there…

  The Ogun is currently without a director (AHEM- I’m completely 100% available, Netflix…).

The film marks a continuation of sorts collaboration-wise between Anthony Mackie, the new film’s producer Jason Michael Berman (of Mandalay Pictures) and the erstwhile streaming giant; previously Netflix, Mackie and Berman had teamed up to produce 2019’s science fiction picture IO.

This bit of news comes on the heels of a very busy year for Mackie: The actor recently completed filming the first season of the Marvel Studios series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and is currently on post on director Mikael Hafstrom’s Outside the Wire.

 More Anthony Mackie and The Ogun news as it rolls into our news headquarters!

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