6 Tips for Those Getting a Divorced

When a marriage falls apart, both spouses and their kids have a tough time. Househunting, settling parenting rights, dividing property, and so on – these and many other divorce-related concerns should be taken care of. A break-up is always associated with a lot of changes and the emotions brought out by them make things even worse. Spouses usually have no idea of how they can start a divorce process and what further steps they should take. Not all of them can get divorced online and thus many divorcees end up being confused with all that paperwork that falls on their shoulders.

If you find yourself in the same situation, then be ready that this burden may even affect your ability to take balanced decisions. Keep in mind that going through the process is much easier when you are aware of what you will have to deal with long before it starts. Below, there are a few helpful tips to consider so that you can survive all possible problems more smoothly.

1. Take in your financial situation

As soon as you start even casting a thought about breaking up with your spouse, you should take a closer look at your assets. For many people, it is just fine to live in the so-called financial dark when they have their spouses managing their family budget. However, you can no longer stay in the dark and it is time to start looking into your bank accounts, taking note of all account numbers, and searching for tax returns. Also, make sure that you don’t sign any paper until you read it carefully. Take note that after filling out divorce forms, you will be required to produce financial disclosure that must be drafted with a great concern for accuracy and you cannot do this properly without knowing what your finances are.

2. Don’t even think about tightening your belt

Depending on various financial circumstances, many divorcees hold out hope for receiving spousal support from their ex-partners. If this is exactly what you want, then you should do your best to maintain the lifestyle you had during the glory days of your marital life. For example, if you used to going out for dinner frequently, taking expensive trips, and simply spending a particular amount of money, then you should continue doing just the same even after things went bust. Keep in mind that the court’s decision regarding alimony will be based mainly on the lifestyle that you maintained during the last year of your marital life. So, in this case, you should live your usual lifestyle no matter what.

3. Start building your credit score

Check if you have a credit card owned in your name. And if you have none, then probably you share one with your partner. Being able to use a credit card is not enough. You must have one with your name on it so that you can establish your credit history. You will need the latter to buy a home, get a vehicle, or even start your own business in the future. Moreover, when you have a savings account, you can pocket some funds that you will need to cover your future legal and court expenses.

4. Start journaling

If you have never had a diary, then probably it is time to start one. Don’t neglect to write down all information to that point that you keep track of every place your spouse visits, every person he or she meets, and every accusation he or she makes. The idea is, if you have everything written down in your diary, you will not forget important details in case you need them when drafting motion papers.

5. Give Marriage Counseling a Try

Before you start preparing divorce court forms, decide on whether or not you are interested in getting divorced. Sometimes, people who are sure about their decision to end their marital relationships find it helpful to visit a marriage counselor. It helps them get better prepared for further negotiations with their partners and their lawyers. Also, take note that the process of mooning over your marriage can start long before the actual divorce, so get therapy in advance to deal with your grievance more easily. 

6. Check what alternatives you have

Most divorcees believe that there is no way they can go without court. However, there are other ways to end up their marital relationships on paper. You can try mediation meaning that you can hire a third-party (a mediator) who will help you and your partner negotiate your issues productively so that you two can pull together to reach mutual agreements. Of course, during mediation, it is recommended to consult your attorney; however, you are not required to.

Another option is a collaborative divorce. The main idea behind the latter is to hire a lawyer who will help you fill out the documents needed to file for divorce in Pennsylvania and hold talks with your spouse’s attorney to resolve your case without it going to court. Except for a divorce lawyer, you may also want to hire a financial adviser, divorce coach, and co-parent specialist. A team of professionals will address your issues either during face-to-face meetings or by phone or email so that you can get a quick divorce with less stress and within the shortest time possible.

Nevertheless, for some divorcees, having their cases going to court is inevitable. For instance, if you or your little ones have become victims of domestic violence, a request for a protective order must be filed. Or if for some reason, you need financial backing immediately, you may want to ask a judge to award you alimony on a temporary basis. If you have any issue that cannot be resolved without a judge being involved, then you should better accept this fact.

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