Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Thanks for having us VENTS! We’ve been all good in Weaponry’s world. It’s not great that we haven’t been able to gig much this year but we’re so glad we got the little break between the 2 lockdowns to record Something I Lack. We’ve been filming videos and stuff for our YouTube channel to help promote the band but nothing beats getting out there and meeting people!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Something I Lack”?

It’s one of the newest songs we’ve written. With our last 3 singles people knew them from watching us live. We’ve actually played 2 of them, Hard Place and Moving To Andromeda, at every single gig we’ve ever played so it’s good to put out something we’ve only played a handful of times. We’ve actually only played Something I Lack once in this form as we played around with it live to see what works. Max (Ashworth, guitar) has added in a few great few riffs no one has heard before and this is definitely our most powerful song vocal wise. It’s got a great little ‘happy’ bit in the middle we’re calling the ‘pop-drop’!

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Something I Lack is about addiction. It’s the idea that addiction is caused by someone trying to ‘fill a hole’ because something is missing in their life. Al (Bristow, vocals) didn’t see his father much growing up as he was an alcoholic, sadly dying when Al was 21. The song is Al worrying that he’s going to fall into addiction like his father did, trying to fill the hole that his father left behind because of his own addictions. The creation of a cycle of suffering. Something I Lack is being released the week in between Al’s fathers birthday and the anniversary of his death.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

The parts that we filmed were on the side of a pitch black country lane, in the mud, next to an old wall in the cold. It was scary, freezing and dirty. We had a great time! We do pretty much everything in the band ourselves (everything but the music recording/production) and Tim (Doyle, drums) has an interest in photography so he does our promo shots. He has friends who have video equipment so he borrowed a video recorder off them and we had to make sure we had every shot we needed in that one night. Half way through filming some guy just walks out of the shadows and gets into a car we hadn’t noticed. That was pretty weird… what the hell are you doing walking round the countryside in the pitch black!? He didn’t have a dog or anything.

How was the recording and writing process?

We love recording! All our music is recorded by Daly George at The Ranch Production House in Southampton. He’s a legend. If you get off the rhythm or you mess up a couple of takes he just tells you to ‘sit back on the groove’ and then everything is all right. We spent 3 days there recording 2 singles and we documented it on our YouTube channel. We have a weekly video series called No Lasting Memories we put up every Sunday and 4 of them are about these sessions (Episode 9 – It’s mostly videos of us chucking banter at each other but that’s what 3 days in a studio are!

What role does the UK play in your music?

I’m not sure if the UK especially has a huge impact on our music because everything seems more worldwide these days. I’m sure big British bands like Bring Me The Horizon and Architects and even bands that aren’t as heavy like Arctic Monkeys will influence every UK band for generations whether they know it or not. You can hear Arctic Monkeys in early Yungblud already seeping in. There’s a lot of lyrical wordplay in our music which Arctic Monkeys really championed as a guitar band.

How has Deftones and Faith No More influenced your writing?

Pretty much all of us except Jay (Rozentals, bass) are huge Deftones fans. He doesn’t dislike them, he’s just not obsessed like the rest. Al and Dan (Ashworth, guitar) had the idea of starting a band together and Deftones was a band they both loved at that time (and still do to this day). Tim spent ages trying to get his snare to sound just like Abe Cunningham’s when recording this track. Like half the day!

The way Deftones just go about their business is great. They got lumped in with all the Nu Metal bands but they knew they weren’t, so they just kept making music they loved and didn’t try to appeal to what people conceived as their base (except Back to School obviously!) and that’s what we try to do. Dan was always a big fan of the riffs on Faith No More’s King For A Day… album and he always used to say we sound like Faith No More. We don’t all agree but it’s all subjective!

Does the new single mean we can expect new material – how’s that coming along?

When we went to record Something I Lack we also recorded another song which will be out sometime early next year. We plan to keep pushing out singles for the time being, especially as we can’t gig. A lot of building a career in music is staying in peoples minds and if we push out 6 or 12 tracks in one go and then can’t go and play shows, it might go a bit quiet in the Weaponry camp. We have spent a lot of time trying to stay relevant though. Just before this lockdown we did a show in our rehearsal space with cool projections and things and we are uploading songs every week on a Wednesday on YouTube at the moment – Weaponry Live Through Lockdown! (

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

The next song is called Blindly Follow Us and we don’t have a date for release at the moment. It’s always been our show finisher so we are really excited for it. It’s got a good bounce and a big chorus. And Al shouts “All these people are dead” about 20 times near the end. You gotta love that.

What else is happening next in WEAPONRY’s world?

Something I Lack will be our 4th single release so we’ve got plenty of tunes to listen to. We are hoping to get back into the recording studio before our next release so we’ll have plenty more coming soon. Our YouTube video series ‘No Lasting Memories’ (NLM) goes out every week on a Sunday, we’re up to about episode 20 now! We design and create all the art for the band so we’ll be needing to do one for Blindly Follow Us soon (the broken bottle on the cover of Something I Lack was smashed and glued back together by Al and Tim took the photos. NLM #19:, we also have a few songs we need to finish off when we can go and rehearse again. Oh, and we’re working on an app! So we’ve got a few things going on. 

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