INTERVIEW: Nicole Kaplan & Heidi Webster of Pink Lemonade Stand

Welcome! Super excited to chat with you both. You have a new podcast out today. Tell us all about it!

Yes! We’re so excited to launch the Pink Lemonade Stand, our podcast about folks who were able to find the sweet in the sour and maintain their zest for life. There are obviously a lot of tough things happening in the world; we’re offering our listeners a moment to focus on the good. When we hear inspiring stories from people who have overcome obstacles in their lives, we see what’s possible in our own. But trust, there will be plenty of talk about other pressing topics, like Botox and The Bachelor.

How did the name for the podcast come about? 

You know that nostalgia you feel when you see a cute lemonade stand? That simple feeling of innocence and joy? That’s the feeling we want to create with our podcast. And why Pink Lemonade? Well, we think everything’s a little sweeter when it’s pink. 😉 

Tell us what inspired you to start the podcast together? 

Well, first off, we just love spending time together! We’ve been best friends for a long time. We’ve worked together and we’ve even traveled the world together. Then 2020 hit, which I think we can agree has been a turd of a year. Personally, we both lost our jobs as singers, and we know that others have had it far, far worse. But being natural optimists, we decided to try and refocus on the good—being unemployed, we certainly had the time! We thought, how can we put something into the world that brings people some joy? 2020 can’t just be about fear and anxiety, so how can we make this period in our lives truly meaningful?  This podcast is the result—it’s a creative outlet, a time to connect, a time to learn, and a time to feel hopeful.

What has been the most challenging part of getting the podcast going? 

Putting the work into making something you’re passionate about is such a fun experience but, yes, everything has its challenges, and challenge is a topic we don’t shy away from at the Pink Lemonade Stand. We find we work really well together, so the hardest part is navigating things that aren’t in our control. Dealing with technical difficulties or navigating our guests’ schedules can be challenging, but once we decided to keep flexible attitudes, the rough parts seem much smoother. 

What type of topics will you be covering on the podcast? 

We’ll be reporting refreshing “Good News” stories and tackling juicy subjects like relationships, work, wellness and how to survive this dumpster-fire of a year. We interview fascinating guests — doctors, teachers, artists, celebrities and our favorite friends, who share how they’ve turned lemons into lemonade. Finally, we save the zest for last, chatting about our latest obsessions and hot topics.

Tell us where we can listen and keep up with you on social media? 

You can find us on Apple, Spotify, Google, anywhere you can listen to podcasts! We share lots of sweet treats throughout the week on our social media. You can find us @thePLSpodcast on Instagram and Twitter, and on Facebook by searching for The Pink Lemonade Stand. Come sip with us!

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