Bones Breaks Into The New Age Of Metal Music With His Latest Offering “Face It”

Singer-songwriter Bones announces the release of his latest single, “Face It,” an experimental underground alternative metal rock song bursting with energy and bringing something new to the metal scene.
Filled with thought-provoking lyrics “Face It” may even be counted as one of the year’s darkest and most deranged songs of the metal genre, a nightmare that is both terrifying and entrancing. With slurred, dragging, and rushing tones this track is as much impressive as the official music video is. With a nonchalant and abrasive mood floating throughout “Face It,” this track could easily go down as a career highlight for Bones.

However, we find that the off-beat and out-of rhythm nature is a little bit unnecessary and may hurt the overall enjoyment of this track. While it’s really hard to confidently distinguish good metal from bad metal – we must pay tribute to the really engaging experimentation on this which we find good enough.

Check out the dark and brutal perspective of Bones with his brand new single and music right here and don’t forget to follow Bones on IG.

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