My life as a Women (kindle)


This Project Initiative revolves around the world to explore the Strength, Humbleness as well as the true power of the women throughout the globe. The voice of the women that we heard or read is very important in such a way that women continue to remind us of our mortality, to love our mothers, wives. Sisters, daughter’s as well as us. Actually these are the stories from women, by women, for women, to men and women, about their life and give memo to all the women in the whole world. Due to the COVID-19 quarantine, it is easier for us to understand the concept of the women as this project help us to understand the success and the challenges, hurdles of the women in their daily life… This book provide us a lot of information regarding to the women, this book help us to understand the lives of the women, background of the women. It also gives us the information about the problems of the women that they face in their lives such that overcame their fight and obstacles to enter a new world where the women can feel secure, comfortable and successful in their lives.

“Behind every Woman is another strong Woman”

Women have a multiple responsibility in different ways like as a daughter, wives, mother and as a component of the society. As a wife she serves his husband, as a daughter she has to care and support his parents and as a mother she prepares food and clothing for their children. But in our society women face a lot of issues such as gang rape, harassment, acid cases and intimate partner violence. My Life As A Woman: World Edition


This book explores the many countries including:-

  1. Pakistan
  2. China
  3. South Africa
  4.  North Korea
  5. Syria
  6. Libya
  7. Iraq
  8. Brazil
  9. Saudi Arabia
  10.  Palestine
  11. Israel
  12. United States and many more.

Where we find the women, who are ready to share their stories, we wanted to hear their voice, their problems should be read and understand them. We also motivate other women’s how not like the benefit of freedom of speech and expression to share their stories. Due to the COVID-19 quarantine and lockdown, every one of the planet was its home. Each and everything is locked except the women’s work as usual are in their routine. This was the good time for Author to open up about their lives. The hurdles and difficulties they face in their lives and how they handle their issues .Asking the random women in the world to open up their life was very difficult task for writer, but he had meet Valerie first, he also had worked with it before, he just told her that write about her life, the feelings that is in his heart. And after receiving the article from her, Writer was really shocked that African women from Nigeria that would show the way for the strength of this projects strength.

As He have no idea before where this project could go .A Nigerian women is  just like a rose that is growing out of concrete .She wrote we are strong, hardworking, powerful. Humble, energetic as well as creative amongst many other things. Due to the nature of the subject it did not include any women personally. The Author never and ever leave his house, to get the voice of these women, but he spoke many of them through the social media to build their trust and share the cause why this project starts and why it is important for the whole world especially in the 2020.

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