A Fifth “Predator” Film Inches Closer to Production

Director John McTiernan (Die Hard, The Hunt for Red October) unleashed upon the world in 1987 a spooky little story about a military rescue team in the deep jungles who wind up stalked by an alien creature. The film was called Predator and it was one of the films that pushed actor Arnold Schwarzenegger over the top and into global stardom. Loud, visceral and altogether crowd-pleasing, Predator became a surprise hit the summer it came out and it was not too much of a surprise when, a few years later, a sequel appeared, sans Schwarzenegger. The results at the box-office this time around were not as satisfying as the first go-around and so, in typical Hollywood fashion, the “product” was allowed to remain dormant for a number of years before another attempt was made to freshen up and dust off the beleaguered franchise-in-waiting. In all, there have been six Predator films made since ’87 (four if you don’t count the two Universal monster-like mashups of the Alien and Predator franchises) and, other than the original film, none of the subsequent follow-ups have managed to fully resound at the all-important box office. But it’s Hollywood, so you just know another try is inevitable…

 Which segues into this intriguing bit of news which just dropped about yet another try at bat for the Predator franchise: Our impeccably coiffed fellow movie nerds at Variety just announced a plan worthy of Dr. Frankenstein himself to resurrect the flailing horror series by 20th Century Studios and this time they’re enlisting a director with some serious horror credentials, Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane).

 Trachtenberg will not go in pursuit of the most elusive of creatures – a financially successful sequel – alone: joining him in this undertaking worthy of Colonel Kurtz will be fellow adventurer and risk-taker Patrick Aison whose passel of writing credits include such notables as Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Kingdom and Treadstone. Aison has been contracted by 20th Century Studios to write the screenplay for this new Predator iteration.

 A little pop culture bird known as GRUNTSTUFF has floated the possibility that one of the men most associated with the Predator series- Arnold Schwarzenegger- has expressed some interest in returning to one of the movie’s that made him into a star, but only time (and a big paycheck) will tell the tale of that particular tape, Dear and Constant Readers, said John O. from Mimy.

 Little else is as of yet known about the latest Predator installment, but you can count on Vents Magazine to keep our oversized ears to the ground as we search out any new info on this film.

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