7 Amazing chrome Flags you must enable ASAP

We all know that Google knows everything about us but do we know everything about it? There are some hidden features of Google chrome that we are not aware of and when I got to know about them and have used it myself, I must tell you that it’s a very good addition to your workspace as it will ease up your work. Google has launched them on a trial basis so go and check out my list of some very useful Google chrome flags right away.

The process of enabling is very short and simple,

  • Go to your Google chrome browser (It can be downloaded on your PC as well as android phones)
  • Now type CHROME://FLAGS on your search bar.
  • You will get a list of flags.
  • Type your required flag’s name and press ENABLE from the dropdown and RELAUNCH your browser.
  • You are ready to use it.

Some of the Best Chrome Flags are listed below,

1.Extensions toolbar menu

Google knows that you want your work table, organized and clean as your home that’s why it has given us the “ultimate tool of cleanliness” so that your mess of so many useful Google chrome extensions that are disarranged can be arranged beautifully in a single toolbar menu.

2.Password leak detection-

There is a popular saying on the internet that, “Privacy is a myth”, so we should always take care of our private information as anything and everything on the internet can be hacked and accessed easily as there are many hackers around us, so Google has invented a tool named Password leak detection which can keep an eye on our info and password and will tell us whenever we are in some danger.


Sharing clipboard has made our life easier as it is a very common feature on everyone’s phone and now Google has integrated this feature on chrome as well…isn’t it awesome? Now you will get this option of sharing clipboards in your PC as well.

4. Quieter notification

If you are in a job where you have to be focused and can’t be distracted while working then you have the right tool now, you can now do your work with more creativity, productivity and to get a good raise.

5. Treat risky downloads

This one is mainly for the newbies of the internet like our Mom-Dad, this flag will help them to disallow some of the risky links from downloading and getting into their private info so that your google chrome security can be enhanced.

6. Google lens-

Do you ever feel a need to know about something but you only have a picture of it? This is possible now, you can get the info just by clicking its picture, I must say Google has made our life easier.

7. Parallel Downloading-

Do you want to download 2-3 movies at a time with a high speed if you are in a good wi-fi zone, Your wish has come true, all because of Google, you just have to enable this flag to accelerate the downloading speed.

I have mentioned only those flags which I think are a must addition in your browsing experience, so enable and enjoy a fun browsing.

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