Why Companies are Using Mobile Apps to Modernize Marketing

For a business to succeed, it must be able to reach customers where they are. In recent decades, the most profitable companies havebeen those that are flexible enough to adapt to new modes of consumer engagement.

As print and radio gave way to television and the Internet, marketers needed to keep pace with these new media and modify their pitches to customers accordingly. Tools like websites went from being optional to essential in a few short years, and companies that weren’t able to pivot fast enough found themselves outmaneuvered by more agile competitors.

In the twenty-first century, the marketing tool that matters most is the mobile app. Whether people are lookingfor a pizza or a couch, theyaren’t interested in navigating a webpage that isn’t optimized for their phone — they want to be able to easily and seamlessly browse for and order the products or services they want without the hassle of having to enter their credit card information every single time.

If you company wants to become more competitive, here are three ways developing an app can help you improve your service, reach new customers, and stay ahead of the communications curve.

1. Apps Make Sales Easier

It’s a well-established fact of marketing that reducing the number of steps a customer needs to go through before purchasing a product or service increases the rate of follow-through.

One of the reasons online shopping has become so dominant is that it renders the shopping process almost completely frictionless — when you can do your grocery shopping without getting out of bed, you’re far more likely to spend more.

If you want to compete the convenience offered by Amazon and other online retail giants, you need to offer a shopper experience that is just as easy. Apps are a great way to do that, especially if you already have a loyal customer base that wants to support your brand. The easier you make it to buy, the more sales you’re going to see. 

2. Apps Can be Customized to Your Business Model

Not every business will be looking to get the same things out of a mobile app.

Given the stratospheric growth of e-commerce, retailers may simply want an accessible online store that will help their customers shop for and order items from their inventory. Entertainment or media companies may be looking for a seamless platform to host their content. Service providers may need to incorporate booking and mapping features into their software.

The great thing about creating a mobile app for your business is that it can easily be customized to do exactly what you want it to do. This is why, if you want to get the most out of the app, you should start the design process by getting in touch with a mobile app developer who understands what software and tech options are available.

Working with an iOS & Android app developer to figure out what kind of design, functionality, and user experience your ideal customers are looking for can help you create an app that won’t just make it easier for people to access your products or services, but will also provide a genuinely enjoyable shopping experience. 

3. Apps Can Help You Expand Your Revenue Stream

Mobile apps don’t just give you a new platform to advertise and sell your wares — they can also represent a whole new revenue stream.

The monetization of mobile appsis a big business in and of itself, so as you think through the different functionalities your ideal app would have, you should also consider ways that the app itself could be monetized through advertisements or paid downloads.

Another reason to include mobile app development companies in the early stages of planning is that developers have a lot of experience with monetization and can help you explore options that you might not think of otherwise, like gamification features that can enhance advertising revenue by extending the time users spend on the app.

If nothing else, 2020 has made it clear that the future of business is digital. Leveraging your online presence and meeting customers where they are has become essential for survival, and that means harnessing the power of mobile apps to reach new markets and shore up your existing customer base.

For this reason, getting in touch with a mobile app developer who can help you figure out what kind of mobile platform can serve your company most effectively is one of the best ways to ensure success in the coming year. 

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