What Is Sales Enablement And How It Can Improve Your Sales

If you entrust someone with an important task and provide that person with all the resources necessary to achieve success, you can be sure that he will achieve a brilliant result.

The same thing happens in your company: if you provide your sales team with resources, materials, and tools for effective conversion of leads, then you can be sure that they will close maximum deals and grow your business revenue.

 But how can you know for sure that your sales team has the right resources at its disposal to increase conversions and drive more quality leads?

Sales enablement gives answers to all these questions. Technology evolves, and if you want to win you just need to use sales acceleration software, which provides your sales and marketing teams with well-timed data and insights that increase the velocity and relevance of customer conversions.

  1. What is sales enablement?

Sales Enablement a strategic, multifunctional discipline that helps to increase the sales team’s productivity and, therefore, sales by providing necessary information, integrated content, training, coaching, and technology tools for front-line sales managers and sales reps along the entire customer’s buying journey.

Simply put, sales enablement is the process that helps front line employees sell more effectively.

  • What are the sales enablement goals and why it is so important?

Sales enablement helps to:

  • integrate marketing and sales;
  • connect sales reps to the main relevant content for customer engagement;
  • provide flexible ways to deliver content to potential buyers;
  • help sales reps save their time on searching the necessary information;
  • get real-time visibility into the customers’ reaction to content;
  • ensure that sales reps are “ready for sales”;
  • apply advanced analytics to optimize content and pitches;
  • provide sales teams with the appropriate training they need to analyze the effectiveness of that training for delivering bottom-line results.

By helping to bridge the gap between marketing and sales and integrate marketing information into the actual knowledge of the sales teams, sales enablement helps companies achieve guaranteed better results. 

Sales Management Association claims that along with more efficient sales reps training, more powerful customer relationships, and increased quota attainment, sales enablement can lead up to 15% higher win rates).

  • When Do You Need Sales Enablement?
  • when you aren’t meeting your sales goals;
  • if you’re not confident your reps are always on-message;
  • when you’re not sure your sales reps use sales tools to the fullest;
  • if there’s no room to improve seller quota attainment;
  • when your company doesn’t really follow a clearly defined sales process that is aligned to the customer’s buying process;
  • if the performance metrics aren’t clearly defined;
  • if the marketing and sales teams do not exchange crucial data.

4. Various aspects of sales enablement and your strategy

4.1. Reporting and Analysis

  • Standardizing reporting: sales enablement helps sales leaders to acquire the technical ability to create reports that are relevant to a business.
  • Reviewing sales process: sales enablement helps to find out what areas in sales performance need to be improved.
  • Qualifying leads: using lead scoring systems, sales enablement helps to understand how ideal of a fit a given lead is.

4.2. Sales Content Optimization

  • Organizing sales content: advanced content audit is important for the success of a chosen sales enablement strategy. It helps to centralize the content in one convenient location, so the sales reps can easily and quickly share it with the leads (modern guided selling solutions are here to save the day — find out what is a guided selling).
  • Creating case studies: CRM helps your sales reps to track the usage of new products to immediately identify potential case study customers.
  • Creating email templates: sales enablement can help sales reps access standardized templates right from their inbox, significantly increasing their productivity.

4.3. Technology and Automation

  • Creating email sequences: since your sales reps are sending dozens of follow-up emails per day, it’s a good idea to automate the follow-up procedure with set-and-forget sequences, that will help to save hours of your reps’ precious time.
  • Automate prospecting: ready-to-buy prospects can schedule a chat with the sales rep using the calendar link, from the rep’s email. This allows sales to check out their planned meetings simply by opening the calendar.
  • Implementing direct messaging: adding a live chat to the site allows reps to engage with interested customers at precisely the right moment when they’re on the website. Also, sales enablement allows applying filtering criteria to ensure that reps are working only with high-quality leads.
  • Using sales enablement software: high-end solutions allow all your sales team members to quickly access and manage all necessary data from a central location at any time, creating, sharing, and editing the materials. Also, this allows marketing and sales teams to easily collaborate with each other, sharing the content with the prospects.

Let’s take a closer look at specialized software, since its advanced search, scoring, and syncing features help to close the loop between marketers, sales, and customers and helps teams track content performance from publication to pitch.

Analytics answers all of the key business questions about the effectiveness of the content, helps to connect content usage with the performance of every deal, to track which items are touched by every customer and when.

There are a lot of such solutions out there, and most of them offer a selective set of areas of functionality. But if you need a truly one-stop solution, we recommend choosing Revenue Grid — a Salesforce-native AI-powered Guided Selling platform that provides sales teams with consistent guidance to close key deals using the fullest possible sales data, and your proven sales strategies and employee expertise.

Revenue Grid is an indispensable professional tool for managerial level employees, sales representatives, marketing specialists, post-sales customer communication & support specialists.

It offers three features:

  • Revenue Engage provides nurturing sequences to help your reps engage customers and maximize revenue;
  • Revenue Inbox allows to automate real-time data capture from all communication channels to get more pipeline and grow revenue;
  • Revenue Guide: is actionable pipeline analytics designed to help you close deals faster.

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