Weekend Movie Recommendations: HBO Max Is Finally On Amazon Edition

As you read this, HBO Max is finally on Amazon Fire. It’s not on Roku yet, but this is a big move for the streaming service. I feel like I have been going to the HBO Max well for my movie recommendations a lot recently, but I have to do it again. Many who have had issues watching HBO Max will now be able to check it out. Part of what I dig about the service is that it has a lot of classic movies on it. That’s what I decided to do with this week’s recommendations. Let’s get our quasi-TCM on!

In these times, a movie like All the President’s Men hits right. The movie is about Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, as played by Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman, exposing the Watergate scandal. It’s a procedural that lacks in, you know, explosions or what have you, but still has a ton of tension to it. And that’s even though you know what happens! That’s excellent filmmaking. The movie is heady, so watch it first when you’re still locked in mentally.

Have you seen Casablanca? It’s alright if you haven’t. The movie is considered a classic, but I also feels like it gets talked about a bit less than in, say, the ‘80s and ‘90s. I know I grew up in an era of Casablanca talk. And yet, I don’t know if it was ever shown to me in a college class, even though I got my BA in Film Studies. I had to catch it myself on TCM one day. Here’s the thing: It’s great! The script pops. The acting is excellent. Casablanca is definitely a classic that holds up and has earned its reputation.

15 Facts About Singin' in the Rain | Mental Floss

Then, let’s end with something light. Something that may put a song in your head as you go to bed. I’m not a big fan of musicals, but I think Singin’ in the Rain is pretty good. Now, that may not sound great, but like I said I don’t like integrated musicals (i.e. musicals where characters burst into song during the narrative). If I say a musical is pretty good, that’s practically a rave. There’s an extended dance sequence that is way too much for me, but I like the story of the movie. It’s about Hollywood’s transition from silent films to talkies, and that’s interesting to me. Strong cast, as well.

After you see these three movies, you’ll be well-versed in cinematic history, and you can finally do that on Amazon Fire now.

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