Understanding the Five Dead SEO Strategies to Avoid in Future

After every few years, you might come across instances in the marketing arena about SEO dying gradually. However, with an estimated value of more the 70 billion dollars; SEO is not going anywhere soon. Despite the whispers are not deemed true, there is something that troubles the people regarding SEO. While SEO is not dead, with time, elements of it have either evolved into something new or died eventually. Consequently, outdated SEO tactics could now hamper your rankings largely.

You would still require SEO to rank higher on the top ranks of search engine results. According to Ignite SEO Coventry, the SEO Company you hire should be competent to handle your specific needs. They should offer quality services without burning a significant hole in your pocket. The SEO Company should be aware of the dead SEO strategies that could hamper your website ranking.

SEO has not died completely, but several tactics have died eventually. Therefore, it would be important for you to update yourself with the latest strategies. It would help you achieve higher ranks and save you from potential penalties. Do you wish to know about the five dead SEO strategies? Let us delve into it.

  1. Preferring all-in on link building

Link building has been an important aspect in your website ranking. It would not be wrong to suggest that link building has been the top ranking factors of Google. Earlier, it was deemed important to build numerous links to your site to begin ranking higher. However, that is no longer necessary. It would be pertinent to mention here that the quality and relevance of your links would matter more than the number of links build. Therefore, it would be important not to spam your links all over random digital directories, as it would not provide the desired effect.

  • Obsession with the number one rank

Several websites emphasize their energy on obtaining the number one rank on Google. It would not be wrong to suggest that the number one rank does not have a strong correlation with enhanced website traffic as before. The number one rank would imply that your site would be buried with ads, question boxes, and featured snippets. Moreover, contemporary web surfers understand the need for scrolling a little to get organic stuff. Therefore, rather than obsessing with the number one spot; look forward to maximizing your click-through rate. Your click-through rate could be optimized through a compelling meta-description and enticing headlines.

  • Over-optimizing the focused keyword

With the search engines becoming more sophisticated, they have devised active means for determining what the page is about. Rather than stuffing the opening paragraph of your post with a specific keyword, it would be important to optimize the readability of the content, user experience, and solving the queries of the users. Google aims to understand the intent behind the listed keywords rather than matching the actual keywords. If your post provides high-quality answers and user experience, it would rank higher. Rest assured that good content would have naturally flowing keywords in it.

  • Creating numerous pages and posts

The myth about the bigger the website, the better it is has become outdated. It would be pertinent to mention here that Google does not rank websites, but ranks individual web pages on the merit of the page to the search query or keyword. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to create high-quality content for helping visitors. It should entail in-depth involvement in the topic on one page.

  • Focus on search engines

User experience used to be second to optimizing your website and content for the search engine. However, Google has the energy and time to invest in their search algorithm. As a result, the search results are populated with websites emphasizing user experience. It would help your site benefit immensely by focusing on the user experience.

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