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Top 5 Online Games to play for Pokemon lovers

Do you know that Pokemon is short for “Pocket monster”, maybe you are not the monster right now but you will surely become one as you start to play these online Pokemon ROM games. I have listed some of the Best Pokemon ROM Hacks that will surely blow your mind.

1.Pokemon Adventure Journey

Pokemon Adventure Journey is one of the best Pokemon games going around as it has many options of Pokemons to choose from. As a pokemon lover, you will surely love this game to the core.


 1. I can say it has medium-range graphics but you will be satisfied playing on your android phone.

 2.It will change according to weather which means you get to choose the weather in the game. It is something very creative and different to play and enjoyable.

3.Compatible ROM sizes start from 1GB,2GB,and so forth

4. Size is also not an issue as it is only of 150MB.

2.Let’s Go Pikachu

Whenever we hear Pikachu we remember a cute little Pikachu that we always wanted to have when we were small and that is the USP of this game that it will take you to your childhood as you play. It’s GBA ROM hack is made by Kevin, some of its features are,

1.You will need an emulator to play this game.

2.You can ride on the pokemon while playing and I know, that ride would surely be loved by Pokemon lovers.

 3.It’s easy to find and fight with pokemon in this game and that’s how you will get closer to your favorite Pikachu.

3. Pokemon Adventure Red chapter

It has a very enjoyable storyline that will increase your gaming time and is very different from all the other GBA games. If you have never played any GBA game then try this first. It has gained the third position in the Pokecommunity hack of the year contest 3 times in a row which will surely attract our interest. Some of its features are,

1.Very Good graphics

2. It will protect your eyes while playing for a longer duration as it has a day and night system.

3.New fascinating battle backgrounds to explore.

4. It has FUSION pokemon.

4.Pokemon Mega light platinum –

You will have a hell of a time playing this game and it will be on the top of your favorites list very soon. Contains a very interesting storyline and you know what, it has the MEGA EVOLUTION, Some of its features are –

1.New regions to explore in this game.

2.It has Pokemon up to the 4th generation.

3.It includes many new events.

5.Pokemon Glazed version

Last but not the least, this game will surely satisfy your gamer soul and will take you to another level of excitement. Some of its features are,

1.You will get your gaming fantasy that is Dream world Pokemon.

2.You will get to choose from 5 starters,

3.You will get to play with the Pokemon from the Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos and have so many battles with many new effects that you will love.

4.You should download the 8.6.3 version.

To Conclude:-

I hope you like the above list of Pokemon ROM Hacks. Choosing one from a heck lot of options is difficult more so when it’s your favorite game, Pokemon. But it all depends upon one’s personal interest of what modes, rules or games he or she likes.

Keep Pokemoning!

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