Top 5 Minecraft servers for Pro Gamers

Minecraft is an experience of lifetime especially if you are on a Multiplayer Server. So if you are into creative gaming and love to explore multi-server gaming differently then you are in the right place.

What is Minecraft Server?

Minecraft Server is a gaming network connected to multiple servers of Mojang Video Game. Players can set up their own server or hire a hosting provider to do the same but on a robust level.

The best and unique part about Minecraft games is that every server has a different set of rules and activities to adhere to. Best Minecraft Servers even allow a direct Player to Player mode apart from the multiplayer combat.

Top Minecraft Servers

You can choose from a variety of servers to play Minecraft on, Hypixel being one of the most popular ones. Let’s have a look at some of the best and latest Minecraft servers for Pros.

1.Lemon cloud Server

This server holds a very good server rank, and it is the best service if you want to play mini-games as it has many exciting features, some of them are –

a.It has the highest quality builds and multiple modes.

b.It contains many customized plugins like crates and auto drop parties.

c.It is updated regularly for your best gaming experience.

d. Latest server version is 1.16.4 where you can see your track record.

e. They offer Factions,skyblock, survival and creative mode.

f. 600 plus players are playing every day here which is a good sign.

Web Address:


You can guess from its name that it has something to do with the dead people if you are on this server then beware of the zombies(dead people) because this is the best zombie survival server. Its features are,

a. It has a server tutorial to show you the steps.

b.Latest version is 1.16.4

c. It offers Faction, Roleplay and zombie apocalypse which is enough to make me excited.

d. Many plugins are included like disguise, jobs, shops, anti-cheat etc

e. Although it has very few players on it, it has some features very different from others that’s why I have included it in my list.

Web Address:

3.PirateMC –

It’s all about pirates playing together by joining and making your own custom crew. It has many features which are worth playing,

a. It has many players active daily and it doesn’t go down.

b.It has a beautiful theme of sea and pirates.

c.It has many useful plugins which allow the user to make their own ships and boats to sail alone or make allies and to survive in the wilderness.

d.Its most stable server is Minecraft 1.12.2

e.It has leaderboard rank among the servers.

Web Address:


This game describes the unity of players in its own unique way and it brings all the players together to play. Some of its mind blowing features are,

a. Its website shows all the steps to have a hassle-free experience.

b.You will get different themes like the yellow world, Green world and blue world and each has the transport system connecting them.

c.It’s a grief free area that helps nurture your creativity and helps in survival.

Web Address:

It has a very nice reputation among the pro gamers as 3 million players are playing on it since it was created.

a.In this server you can make your skyblock island and play with your friends.

b.It is one of the most popular servers but expensive too so watch out.

Web Address:

To Sum Up:-

Minecrafs has variety for gamers which makes it one of the most likeable multiplayer server games. You can play one on one, multiplayer, different set of rules, customs or activities. Or you can make your own set of rules. It all depends which one of these versions you like more. I hope you find your favorite server from the above list. Happy Minecrafting.

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