SINGLE REVIEW: Dry As Dust by Berlin’s Bestial Mouths

Only fury pulsating veins, only fury pulsating veins, the echoing words pierce into the skin and into the heart of the listener in the new song “Dry As Dust” from Berlin’s Bestial Mouths. In an almost dark chant, “Dry As Dust” invades the listener, casting a dark and industrial-rock cloud. Sporadic electrical riffs and gnawing percussion punch through like grey shards across the early evening horizon. Visually capturing these raw sounds and the hypnotic vocals is the accompany music video – a haunting reminder of human fragility. “Dry As Dust” is from the album RESURRECTEDINBLACK.


Frontwoman and sole member, Lynette Cerezo’s incessantly unique voice molds into the music bed. The first few measures set the stage for an emotional journey, one of trauma and disdain. Something is about to erupt. Much to my surprise and my pleasing, the song never goes into a full onslaught of metal and goth. Cerezo’s voice is grainy, like oatmeal. She has this artistic blend of Mother Earth and the enchantment of Disney villain. If this song weren’t Bestial Mouths, I would swear it would be some sort of newfangled Nine Inch Nails track. Cerezo is astoundingly bewitching.  


Many of the lyrics have cut through like nothing else. It’s like listening to a mix of Sylvia Plath and Edgar Allan Poe. Faces fading on a hanging abyss in empty rivers sharpened by knives, faces fading once enshrined swallowed, spit out drowning with the tide, she sings. It’s melancholy, maddening, morose all-at-once. Our love is dead, our love is dead, I will become what you hate, I will become what you hate, her cadence slices through the music bed. The song’s pace slithers like a beaten, broken heart. Still, she holds herself as a bastion of stability. The world around her crumbling, she won’t wither to society’s norms. I think she views the world as decaying, her heart shields the remnants all around her. She communicates to the listener vehemently that her environment has changed her, it’s in her veins. I fell victim to her preying harmony, her enigmatic voice.

The stunning visual to “Dry As Dust” bolsters the song’s macabre. Directed by Vincente Cordero (Industrialism Films) the intense visuals could be a mini movie in its own right. Featuring a freaky but eye-catching zombie-like character, the dust and the bone-dry land is a character unto itself. Cerezo’s stands alone, and sings dramatically. She’s a vision and draped in blacks, reds, whites and greys.


“Dry As Dust” stops you in your tracks. It forces you to confront some outside demeans, surrounding forces that pick away at your happiness. I would say the joy in this song is the rousing music bed and to champion Cerezo’s artistic fortitude. She’s limitless and as a listener, I found myself both drawn to her inner beauty but repelled by her pain. Emotionally I felt like this song is invasive. I haven’t felt like that before in song and strangely, curiously I wanted to hear it more. Now, that is the epitome of art.

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