Question Of The Week: Favorite Thanksgiving Food

Next week is Thanksgiving (at least in America, shout out to Canadian Thanksgiving), and so the question of the week will be all about Thanksgiving. Now, you may claim this isn’t popular culture, but I very much disagree. How many TV shows feature Thanksgiving, specifically Thanksgiving dinner? The Butterball hotline is bandied about in the entertainment landscape as well. Stephen Colbert has done some fun bits with that. If you listen to podcasts or check out social media, Thanksgiving foods are prominently discussed this time of year. We have turned the Thanksgiving meal into a piece of our pop culture, which is what allows me to ask this question: What is your favorite Thanksgiving Day food?

Now, we don’t all eat the same stuff. The traditions of the American South and the Pacific Northwest are a bit different. Also, for example, I’m vegetarian, so there will be no turkey for me. Although, that new Arby’s ad about how Thanksgiving turkey is dry and bland is nonsense. That only happens if you cook it poorly. I’ve had turkey from Subway that had flavor and moisture to it. Subway. As such, turkey is not for me.

I like cranberry sauce, though I prefer the legit stuff where you can see the cranberries to the canned gelatin, though I’ll eat that. I’m not down with green bean casserole, but that’s in part because I’m lactose intolerant so I don’t dare to eat more than, like, two bites of that. Pumpkin pie is dope, but I’m not going with a dessert here. However, I am going with something that has a bit of sweetness to it. Specifically, I’m all about sweet potato casserole.

I mean, I really like sweet potato in general. The casserole form of it, though, is delicious. I don’t really go in for too much of the marshmallow topping, and something I ever skip it entirely. There’s usually brown sugar in those sweet potatoes. I don’t have a big sweet tooth. The taste of sweet potato when it’s been cooked down properly is exquisite, and when you mash it up and throw it in a casserole I can eat an entire pan of that stuff.

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoy it. This is a weird year for it, of course. We aren’t getting together in big groups to have family dinners, at least we aren’t if we’re being safe. Maybe you will be home alone and don’t feel like cooking. Maybe then you’ll go grab one of those Arby’s turkey sandwiches. I hope, in the end, you get to eat your favorite Thanksgiving food. And what, exactly, would that be?

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