KIDHANMA – A Journey from an Ordinary person to a Writer

To be a writer in this World is not so easy. The world is full of many people, and people are full of talents. Skills in this century that are present in a person are so rare. You have to put the focus on that kind of person to enhance his qualities and skills. A man who is full of talent from his childhood and making more improvements in his skills. And that man is KIDHANMA, who gets fame in his book. He used to write books and do martial art for his chills and charms.

KIDHANMA’s start of Life:

A writer whose auther name is “KIDHANMA.” Everyone knows him with his author name, but actually, his real name is “Armin Mokhtarinejad.”KIDHANMA’s life starts with various things. He used to do multiple things at a time. He worked hard, but he is also God gifted because of his skills and achievements. He moved from one place to another and turned out with a new personality. He used to do work hard. He worked hard in that field, which is related to his personality, and he had a great interest in it.

The journey of a writer:

The journey of KIDHANMA is started from a migration. A migration that is from Iran to Germany. He was born in Germany on December 24, 1993. He gets fame at a young age and introduced himself to the world. From his childhood, he has never been restricted to anything. He does all the things with his joy and efforts. He used to do art, make music, tell stories, and many more things happen to him.

Later on, he decided to do Martial art according to his interest, but he is no so good in that, but he did it for a long and made arts in which he can out a visual image of reality. His parents are educated well and want their children to be bold and confident in every field. They want their child to make a name with talents and skills. In the same way, KIDHANMA does struggle and reached his goal and idea that what he wants to do in his life.


A person who used to write or had a habit of telling stories to others. From this art piece to a writer is all his journey. In childhood, he used to be like an animal, and that animal was Unicorn. Then he had a plan to write a book on the topic of “How to be a unicorn in modern-day society.” He is still doing work on his project and making his parents and people proud. He got success with a book. He has 10 k followers on Instagram because of his book, which consists of 11 concepts. He also established his YouTube channel and put videos of discussion related to various topics. And he will also ask people how they can improve their lifestyle and make every moment of life full of charms.

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