It Would Be Cool If They Rebooted ‘Doug’

Recently, Animaniacs was rebooted. I think I have heard Tiny Toons Adventures is getting a reboot as well. Rocko’s Modern Life had a movie show up on Netflix. Basically, ‘90s cartoons are getting rebooted. I didn’t even mention the new Powerpuff Girls, because that hit a few years ago at this point. I am a child of the ‘90s. I watched cartoons at the time. All these reboots got me thinking about if there was any ‘90s cartoon I’d like to see return. Once again, my mind turns to Doug.

Now, when I saw I’d like to see Doug rebooted, I want it to be more like the Nickelodeon version. I consider the Disney version apocryphal for all intents and purposes. Never show me Skunky Beaumont. I know the animation will look different more than likely, but that’s fine. In fact, I do want there to be some changes. Namely, what’s interesting to me is the idea of Doug existing in the modern world.

Would Doug still write in a journal? Or would he write on a laptop? I want to see the denizens of Bluffington on social media. Would Skeeter use TikTok? Imagine Judy online. She’d be making videos all the time for sure. What about all the modern video games that could be played by Doug and his crew? What’s school like for them now? Doug would have a cell phone! Would Vice Principal Lamar Bone still be into yodeling? Or is there a different kind of music for him to be in as a joke these days? The mind reels!

Doug would still, at his core, be Doug. That’s important. It’s the world that would change around these characters. Imagine Doug accidentally posting something about Patti on social media and having to delete it and hope nobody saw it. Imagine all the expensive stuff Mr. and Mrs. Dink could buy! Everybody would still eat at Honker Burger, though. That can’t change.

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