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A collaboration of any sort of two or more celebrities is something that attracts and admires by both fans and common audiences. Today, we are going to talk about the collaboration of Sandeep JL and Yadhu Krishnan for their upcoming serial. This time, they are trying to increase the action standard of Bollywood with a powerful storyline. Yes, Sandeep JL who was the producer and actor in the Hollywood top class movie ‘Outrage’ will be seen running on the screenplay written by Yadhu Krishnan, a Hollywood writer. We all know Yadhu Krishnan as the writer of ‘Escape from Black Water’. The screenplay designed for ‘Kaal Chakra pledges a visual treat for all Bollywood fans which they never have experienced before. ‘Kaal Chakra’ is going to be produced by Mr. Vishnu Vijayan under the Hollywood production company JL Films.

Cast and Crew

The great news for the fans is that the famous Hollywood stunt choreographer Kim is on-board with the Kaal Chakra team. Another news is that the team will be seen shortly in Mumbai for their martial arts training and pre-production. Moreover, other well-known industry professionals are soon to be included with the official list. The series is planned to be shot with a little more Bollywood expert artists who would be publicized in next to no time.

Concept of Kaal Chakra

Kaal Chakra basic story orbits around a faraway tribe living in the hazardous and dangerous forest of India. The forest is believed to worship as a unique type of Lord Kala Bhairava and native’s strategies to sacrifice a newborn baby of a widow to gratify the lord. One time, one man stands against this strategy and ready to fight against it which causes killing and violence among people there. Story unties the discretion, brainstorming unpredicted series which leads to a sequence of appalling performances.

The major reason to bring all good cast along into this project is the storyline and its concept. The hopes with this project are high for both team and fans. The team aims to bring in a new fighting manner with this mission. The stunt players would comprise of highly trained martial artists from all over India and will also be trained under a national level martial art coach.

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