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A Brief Guide for Purchasing a Grand Piano Meeting your Needs and Budget

Are you contemplating buying a piano? Rest assured that the piano is a beautiful, prominent, and versatile musical instrument in the music industry. The ideal solo instrument could easily mingle with the other musical instruments. You would come across numerous pianos with different features and prices made available in the market. However, it would be in your best interest to consider the below-mentioned guide for buying a grand piano for sale.


Pianos have been relatively more expensive than other musical instruments due to their durability. Pianos come with different prices for different brands. Therefore, you should consider the budget you could spend before choosing the one suitable for your specific needs.

New or used piano

It would be pertinent to mention here that the piano is not like other musical instruments in terms of life and reduction in value. The value of the piano would depreciate a little over time. Rest assured that the average life of piano has been of 40 years. However, you would be required to spend a huge amount on purchasing a piano. It would not be wrong to suggest that the investment is relatively safe due to its durability. It would be imperative for you to determine if you wish to purchase a new or used piano. Consider bringing a piano technician, piano teacher, or pianist for adequate inspection of the piano.

Different styles of piano

Pianos are available in several styles and sizes. When choosing a piano, consider the style of piano cabinet, music rack, leg design, kind of wood used, and the overall appearance of the piano. Most people would purchase pianos by matching their home décor or furnishings.

Size of pianos

It would be important for you to consider the size of the piano before buying it. Determine the space you need to accommodate the piano. If you have enough space available, consider looking for a grand piano. It would be relatively more responsive and larger than the other available variants. However, it would require a huge investment. You could also look for vertical pianos made available in the market. For small floor spaces, consider buying a spinet piano. It is popular with people due to its small size.

Where to purchase a piano

Unlike the other available musical instruments made available online with ease, consider purchasing a piano only after you see and touch it for determining its quality. Visit different piano dealers in your region; bring a piano teacher or an expert to determine the sound and performance of a piano you intend to purchase.

Ask loads of questions

Rest assured that purchasing a piano implies burning a significant hole in your pocket. Therefore, it would be imperative to ask anything bothering you. It would be important to inquire about the performance, sound, brand, durability, functions, and internal and aesthetic construction of the piano.

Repair, warranties, and more

It would be in your best interest to inquire about the piano warranty. It should be inclusive of its duration along with what it covers. Inquire about the maintenance and repairs of the piano. Inquire the dealer if the purchase price has been inclusive of the delivery and bench cost. Inquire the dealer if he or she offers a discount. Ensure to check the tuning of the piano.

Consider your dream to learn and play the piano without burning a significant hole in your pocket. Playing the piano would result in a relaxing, satisfying, and soothing moment after a hectic and stressful day at work. Moreover, you would improve your child’s intelligence immensely by making him learn and play the piano. It would also develop a bonding between the parents and the children when they play the piano together.

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