JJ Gerow

JJ Gerow is Taking Steps towards Parents Passion of Art & Music

Most children choose a career that belongs to their parents. In the same way, it is natural that blood attracts blood, so the kids and even parents prefer to attach the kids with their profession. All the relations in the world are based on your interest and emotions. Suppose you have a passion for something and you take it for a long time. Passion leads you to make your dreams true in a proper way. People have done work of their own choice and support their families.

Music is one of the pieces of art which gives you glance and charms. The voices which attract people are god-gifted, and these voices make their name from generation to generation. Music makes a person calm and pure. Because a singer whenever sings, he always sings from his heart from his soul.

A person who is following the field of his parents is JJ Gerow. He develops his passion according to his parent’s love for art and music.

How he takes steps in Art and Music:

JJ Gerow has a strong passion for art and music from his childhood. When he was a kid, he used to live in Rochester, NY. JJ Gerow has his hometown in that area. He developed his passion for art and music by following his parents as they were both lovers of the arts and music.

When JJ Gerow was a teenager, he used to play guitar and also take classes for it. He did hard work for his music. He wants to be a singer who has an influencing voice, which attracts all the people.

As he matured and moved into his early twenties, he decided to follow that creative passion and became a renowned tattoo artist. He is a man who has incredible hidden talents in himself. He used to manage his work routine properly. 

Major tragedy:

At that time, he received heavy news about his mother. His beloved mother was diagnosed with cancer, but she meant everything to him. He rejects every opportunity just because of his mother. He wants to spend every moment of life with his mother. She was receiving treatment and a tough regime of chemotherapy. At last, she passed away, and this thing breaks JJ Gerow’s heart.

The struggle brought Fruit:

After his mother’s death, he starts using music as therapy. JJ Gerow writes a lot of emotional songs. He is also inspired by different personalities like Phil Collins, The Beatles, Tom Waits, Pink Floyd, and

the weekend Joy Division.

Recently, he has collaborated with an artist Myah Marie. They collaborate in a song with a track called  “Xploding Frogs” “Hold on darling.” It is a side project of JJ Gerow. He also collaborated with Steven Rousse and Darren Fewins. No most recent singles are called “stuck in between” and “On My Own.” These are the significant steps he took after his mother’s death. But he is proud of himself because he fulfills all the dreams of his parents.

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