How to reduce the associated pain with getting a tattoo; tips and tricks

If you have decided to get a tattoo then you would probably be scouring the internet right now for resources and any other additional information that you can find such as what to expect, what design ideas are the best but the most searched query is how to take care of the pain. When you are getting the tattoo you might feel stinging, burning, or even piercing of the skin as the needle is inking your body by touching the epidermis which is the second layer of the skin.

The type of pain would depend on what the artist is doing right now and the length of the session. If your design was not that complicated then you might have to sit through only one session but on the other hand, if it is complicated enough then possibly you would have to wait 3-4 hours in 2-3 sessions. But when it comes to the pain and things that you can do to reduce it, the following are some of the tips that can help you in this regard;

  1. Choose a licensed artist

When it comes to choosing a tattoo artist it is very much recommended that you should choose a licensed one. Experienced artists will usually take less time to finish the tattoo thus you will have to sit with less pain. The best way of doing so is by taking recommendations from friends or family or any other person who just got a tattoo, they will definitely point you in the right direction. Another thing that should become a deciding factor for you here is the hygiene of the shop, choose someplace clean and convenient.

  • Get enough sleep

Your body will be able to deal with the pain better if you have taken a good night’s sleep because when you have a sound sleep your metabolism kicks in and works faster than intended. Thus taking care of digestion so you don’t puke while in the middle of it, stiff muscles as they will be more relaxed and take care of the pain and your mind is relaxed and well-rested so it would be more at ease.

  • Avoid getting a tattoo when sick

This is possibly the worst thing that you can do with your body and it is getting a tattoo when you are feeling down physically and your health core is nowhere near optimum. Sickness on the other hand would also heighten the sensitiveness of the body towards pain so it might be the dumbest idea to get a tattoo when you are sick.

  • Stay hydrated

Another practical advice here is to be well hydrated before going in for a tattoo as it would hurt more when the needle pierces the dry skin. Drink enough water before your session to steer clear of this trouble.     

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