How a Young Asian Entrepreneur Started a Successful Clothing Brand From His Parent’s Basement

If you look at 22-year-old Jaffy Jan, whose real name is Jaffry Mallari, you can see a successful and young Asian entrepreneur. In fact, his three-year-old company, RESURGENCE, is now raking in six figures a year. However, it wasn’t always this way. In fact, Jaffry, also known as JJ, started out with nothing.

Not only did he have no funds, but he was rejected from joining the Graphics Design program at the university he was going to. Even though the odds were stacked against him, he was undeterred. Ever since he saw another guy in high school making $40 a pop for basic-looking hats he was selling to other students, he felt he could achieve success with streetwear.

The incubator for his budding business was a small basement at his parents’ house. It is there that he created mockups, ordered a few pieces of apparel to be made, and set up an online store. The little money he was making at the time was coming from a part-time job and had to all go toward paying his bills, which he was barely able to do. Still, his drive was too strong for him to give up that easily.

JJ managed to scrape together $600 to get everything he needed to bootstrap his business. From there, all it took was some digital marketing skills, and he soon began seeing the orders rack up. Within the first three weeks of being open for business, RESURGENCE. That was proof-positive that he had crafted something that appealed and spoke to other teens and young adults. Fast-forward to four years later, and Jaffry is now the proud owner of a six-figure business.

The RESURGENCE brand is a reflection of Jaffry’s upbringing as an Asian Canadian navigating the complexities of teenage life in America. His struggles and hopes for the future are both reflected in this streetwear brand.

Today, the past is still molding the direction that RESURGENCE, or RSG for short, is heading. In fact, RSG is a sort of personal love letter to the world. No, it is not written in words of love and affection, but rather of hatred and disappointment. That’s why there are militaristic undertones in the designs JJ crafts.

The world has been on a rocky ride for the past four years, and the youth of today are feeling the intensity of that uncertainty more than perhaps anyone else. People like JJ are expressing what they are going through and how they are dealing with what they see happening all around them. It’s clear that RSG has struck a chord of resonance with other teens and young adults, given how increasingly popular this streetwear brand is becoming.

If you want to take a look at the latest threads offered by RESURGENCE, head over to the online store here. You can also follow the RSG brand on Instagram here.

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