ConnectSocial: The Super-safe Social Networking Platform Taking the World by Storm

App Concept

Move over social networking apps that have been continually hit by data breach scandals year after year; there’s a new sheriff in town and the name’s ConnectSocial. This super-secure app safeguards the privacy of user’s data above all else, providing a trusted platform where you get to be yourself without worrying about eavesdropping by overly greedy and scrupulous companies. ConnectSocial brings together the best and most popular social media features and adds some more to it, ensuring the fun functionalities you love but usually have to get across multiple applications. Update your status, share events and even rides, find a good place to spend the night or a weekend, hook up with friends on voice or video chat, and build a social network via pages and groups!

ConnectSocial Features

Suitable for both iOS and Android, ConnectSocial is a premium app based on a subscription model that rewards users with a private and state-of-the-art social networking platform without the bothersome nuisance of ads. Here’s what else ConnectSocial brings to the table: 

  • Secure voice and video call features, in addition to the private messaging functions, that allow you to create a personal social network with friends, family, and loved ones. 
  • When texting becomes too tiresome, chat easily via voice messages that you can send to your friends or groups
  • Create a group for your favorite people. Within this group, users can share not only images and texts but also video and voice calls. Of course, users have the absolute power to select which groups they want to join or leave. No one can force that on you!
  • Safeguarded by the highest digital perimeter walls available, ConnectSocial aims to avoid a repeat of social networking giants who have continually fallen victim to data theft. Your privacy and personal information stay just that: personal! 
  • Cyberbullying typically gets out of control on traditional social networking platforms, but not on ConnectSocial. The developers work around the clock to ensure a super-moderated community where no one is abused or harassed in any way. 

How ConnectSocial work

ConnectSocial operates on a monthly subscription fee of $4.99, but for the price, you get an ad-free experience, safe from the reaches of swirling data pirates. Share pictures, video/voice call friends, share rides/accommodations, and much more on the all-round ConnectSocial app. 

Why ConnectSocial is miles ahead of the rest

We bet you have to endure hundreds of ads on traditional networking platforms, not to mention the constant looming fear that your information is not safe. ConnectSocial provides a worry-free platform where you can let loose knowing your security, privacy, and networking well-being are taken care of completely! 

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