Classic Movie Themes that are Wildly Popular in Casino Games

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A look at the upcoming movie releases in 2021 shows a familiar set of themes; from The Eternals and Black Widow superhero films, to Candyman’s slasher action and the science fiction universe of Dune. While these are all great examples of the expansive modern movie world, what about other classic types of movie that are still wildly popular and have crossed over to other forms of entertainment, such as casino games?

The Enduring Power of Western Action

If we look at this list of the 12 best western movies on Esquire, 2010’s True Grit and 2007’s No Country for Old Men are the only titles from the 21st century.  Older classics such as High Noon, Stagecoach, and The Wild Bunch are all more fondly remembered that newer westerns.

It’s not that they don’t make these movies anymore, as The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford from 2007, and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs from 2018 were acclaimed by critics. Yet, it seems that the public isn’t as keen on these newer westerns, as they tend to be low-key successes at best.

The rollicking action and larger than life characters of the era can be seen in casino slots such as Wild West and Wild Wild Chest. Classic card games from the past like blackjack and three-card poker can also be played in the live casino from Royal Panda. These titles can be experienced in a slick, modern way with a live stream featuring real dealers, however, authentic wild west card games like Chuck-a-Luck and Three Card Monte have gone out of fashion.

Ancient Egypt’s modern influence

Filmed based in the times of Cleopatra and the Pharaohs were among the blockbusters of the classic Hollywood era. 1963’s Cleopatra featuring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton is an example of how these productions could become massively over-blown. It was the most expensive movie ever made until 1978’s Superman, with the sets having to be built twice and the constant changes of actors almost bankrupting 20th Century Fox.

There are plenty of modern movies with links to Egypt, but they typically focus on heroes in modern times. This is the case in X Men: Apocalypse, when the mutant En Sabah Nur appears in the modern world, and in 2017’s The Mummy. As an exception, 2016’s Gods of Egypt was set in Ancient Egypt, surprisingly, and features the God Horus. However, it was a massive failure and lost some $90 million.

Despite a seeming lack of interest in films about Cleopatra or the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, this theme is possibly the most popular in casino slots. The massively successful Cleopatra land-based machine started this trend, and it has continued online with the likes of Era of Gods and Tomb of Nefertiti among the many options.

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Source: Pxfuel

Vikings and Norse Folklore

The Viking theme has long been a favourite among movie-goers, with the 1958 classic The Vikings featuring Kirk Douglas still regarded as one of the finest films in this genre. 1964’s The Long Ships is another example of a low budget adventure movie that is still enjoyable today.

This may be the only of these genres that has improved over time, and has also attracted more fans in the last decade or so. Part of this is down to the mighty Thor movie from 2011 and its sequels, with Chris Hemsworth in the lead role. While it takes a sci-fi, superhero approach to Norse culture, there is no doubt that it has helped to inspire a resurgence of interest in Vikings.

This can be seen in casinos as well as in movies, with slots like Book of Loki and Viking Wilds now available. In some ways, the all-action style and memorable characters from Norse folklore make it ideal for both movies and games.

These themes that we have looked at will arguably continue to be popular among both movie fans and those who enjoy casino games; regardless of whether they like the classic approach or the modern take on the classics.

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