Asian Entrepreneur Magazine Talks ‘Startups’ with Allied Wallet’s Dr. Andy Khawaja

Dr Andy Khawaja grew up as a child in Lebanon and came to the United States as a teenager. He has experience of working in high-end retail for many years and has managed retail stores in Las Vegas MGM and Beverly Hills locations on Rodeo Drive. With the evolution of the internet, Dr Andy realized that a way had to be found to accept credit cards. His experience with international clients gave him a good understanding of foreign affairs and was willing to connect the business owners and clients globally in an easy way. Considering this idea in mind, he founded a digital payment company; Allied Wallet. Ten years ago, the company was marketed orally and is now processed for 150 million traders worldwide.

Interviewer: What is Allied Wallet in your own words?

Andy Khawaja: Allied Wallet is presently the fastest growing online digital payment processor. Allied Wallet is offering the businesses both big and small and even startups the capability to securely and quickly process payments for their customers. Our winning APIs guarantee that all the transactions are secured against fraud. Moreover, to give our customer a genuinely International experience, the transactions can be processed in more than 150 different currencies.

Interviewer: How did you come up with the idea for Allied Wallet?

Andy Khawaja: I started this business ten years ago with the inspiration to give the companies around the world the opportunity to take their business to the next level internationally. I realized that more secure methods were needed to process international transactions, and as no one else had done that leaving a room for fraud which could destroy a business.

Interviewer: Can you explain the process of starting Allied Wallet?

Andy Khawaja: When the merchants approach us, they fill a form on our website. Our in-house team assesses and evaluates these documents and sends an email to approve the code for the secure payment page on their website. Once the business makes the required changes to their website, we activate them. This process can be completed in just 12 hours.

Interviewer: Did you experience any types of difficulties at the beginning?

Andy Khawaja: We didn’t start our journey with investor funding as in case of other companies. Allied Wallet was created with my own money because I believe in this business, and through the hard work and dedication of our team, we have made one of the most successful digital payment companies in the world.

Interviewer: How have you developed Allied Wallet from the start?

Andy Khawaja: In the very beginning of our startup, we mainly focused on the gateway, to make sure it had the highest levels of security to prevent fraud. Afterwards, we have built other products like the prepaid card, the virtual wallet and NextGen gateway. We are continually developing to create new and better outcomes with the aim to help our dealers.

Interviewer: What kind of feedback have you received so far on Allied Wallet?

Andy Khawaja: Allied Wallet is very famous in the United States, Asia and Europe. We are the award winners for our excellent processing capabilities and our commitment to make sure our merchants are doing very well. The growth rate of our company, i.e. 200-500% each year shows the trust of people on Allied Wallet for their business.

Interviewer: Do you face strong competition in your industry, especially from your competitor companies?

Andy Khawaja: We love competition. PayPal perhaps is our main direct competitor, but their infrastructure is quite different, and we have an international approach with different features and better flexibility for the merchants. Also, in this competitive industry, our low fees, excellent internal customer service, a variety of shopping cards for integrations, and above all the bet fraud protection. With all these features, Allied Wallet definitely speaks for itself.

Interviewer: What can you say about the industry?

Andy Khawaja: This industry is very competitive and can also be risky for new traders. Before you start, you have to understand several things about accepting credit cards online, and you need a secure gateway to avoid fraud.

Interviewer: What is the future of the industry, and how do you plan to remain relevant to the industry?

Andy Khawaja: The electronic payments industry is going to grow. You’re seeing more people paying with cards and apps instead of cash which means more people will need a secure and reliable way to send the payments digitally. Allied Wallet is always improving and creating new products to make sure we stay on top of the game as the most trusted processors in the world.

Interviewer: What do you think of Asian entrepreneurship vs Western entrepreneurship?

Andy Khawaja: Being an entrepreneur in Asia is very different from being an entrepreneur in a Western world like the United States. There are different laws and regulations, but mostly the working code is different. When I meet the best entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, Singapore or Tokyo, I realize how difficult their business is, and they don’t stop until they hit their goals and that’s very motivating.

Interviewer: How do you define success?

Andy Khawaja: Success is hard work, achieving your goals and being able to help others on your way to the top. Surround yourself with hardworking, believing people and be sure to show your appreciation. Success makes a difference.

Interviewer: Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

Andy Khawaja: I have always been a businessman. When I was a child and growing up in Lebanon, I would pick up shell casings from the streets and hand them over for money. After shifting to the United States, I worked hard at every job to make sure the business got better and bigger until I could start my own business.

Interviewer: In your opinion, what are the keys to business success?

Andy Khawaja: The key to success is believing in yourself and hard work. If you don’t have both, you won’t make him an entrepreneur.

Interviewer: A word of wisdom for entrepreneurs from your personal experience?

Andy Khawaja: I would like to tell all entrepreneurs that vision and hard work are the keys to success. If you work hard, put in the effort and time, and choose a reliable and secure transformation company that you can trust to help you grow, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Every day that you don’t use it to reach your goal is a wasted day, work every day for your future.

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