What Foods are Dangerous to Your Cat

Cats are born to be hunters.

They are self-reliant, resourceful, and can be on their own for days while still providing for themselves. Most cats who are domesticated still have hunting tendencies, which is why it is often of no surprise to cat owners when their furry friend drags in a rabbit, mouse, or bird that they clawed down.

But cats don’t just hunt to survive anymore. They are spoiled for the most part when it comes to their cuisine—and also enjoy both pet food and human food!

While *some* human food is okay for cats in moderation, it is super important to try to avoid your cat from eating the following foods, so that you don’t end up rushing them to the emergency room!

And in the off chance that they do get into the below foods, it’s not all doom and gloom just yet—you can access the online vet website that will allow you to connect with a trained professional and help you with what to do next.

Here are the foods that can be dangerous to your cat:

1. Dairy

While many cats are stereotyped to enjoy lapping on milk, dairy is something their stomachs are very bad at handling! So while it may seem like the picture-perfect refreshment for them to enjoy, cats can experience really upset stomachs and will likely have issues with digesting the dairy. So avoid if possible!

2. Onions

Now, cats normally wouldn’t go straight for an onion, and there’s a good reason why—the thiosulphate that is inside!  For a cat, this can cause them to become anemic and do long term damage to their blood cells! Now, don’t stress if your cat eats something like a piece of chicken that was roasted with onions—if there is not a lot present. Just don’t make a habit out of it!

3. Alcohol

Cats are curious and will probably try lapping up any sort of liquid within their reach. But alcohol is something that can do serious damage to their digestive system, lungs, cognitive ability, and even—in some cases—cause death! So if you are having a drink or two at home, make sure to keep the glass out of reach from your cat!

4. Chocolate

While most people associate the dangers of chocolate with their dogs, cats can also get into a lot of trouble if they eat chocolate too. Mainly, their blood pressure will drop and they could develop issues trying to breathe! So keep the chocolate to yourself and don’t share with your pets, ever!

5. Raw meat

This one may sound silly, as cats often hunt and eat animals that they have clawed down. But feeding your cat raw and uncooked meat can give them some nasty disease like E.coli or Salmonella. Some cats have even gotten tapeworms, which is never fun to deal with! So leave the uncooked meat away from the cat, they’ll be much better off.

6. Dog food

Did you know that cats can get severely sick from dog food? Many pet owners have both dogs and cats, so naturally will have bowls of pet food for both in their home. But the two are not to be mixed, as both cat food and dog food are designed very specifically for each animal. So while your cat occasionally stealing some dog food out of the dog bowl will likely be fine, feeding your cat dog food regularly is something to avoid!

Cats have a range of options for what they can eat. But it is important to remember that there are some dangerous foods that can cause some serious harm and require you to go visit a vet if they do consume.

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