Trūst Carries the Torch As A Musician Into His New Season Of Music

Trūst Carries the Torch As A Musician Into His New Season Of Music

When it comes down to natural talent the best athletes and musicians in the world typically have it in their genes stemming from their parents or grandparents. An example of this would be in case of Trūst, an R&B artist from Atlanta, Georgia who began his artist career with a recent quality release.

Starting out, Trūst grew up in a musical home which helped him grow up with the sense for music that he has today. His Father and Uncle formed an R&B band when he was young called “Dukes of Daville” where they played and toured for a living. The young Trūst at the time would always watch their band practices and take mental notes on how they moved in the music industry one day hoping to be like them.

After watching the process for years, Trūst then decided to begin on his own journey right when he got out of high school. He started off by polishing his skills as a songwriter each day until he finally got his first placement. In December of 2018, a song called “No Days Off” by NLA featuring the Migos, was released using Trūst’s lyrics. This was a defining moment in Trūst’s career as he finally began to see all of his hard work paying off. With this placement, the young Atlanta native began receiving mechanic royalties from the record which incentivised him to pursue a career in music even more.

Fast forwarding to now Trūst has recently decided to embark on a new path in his music journey. In November of 2020 he released his debut track called “Soon Come” which was released on all major platforms. This song coming out was a big move for the young artist since so many industry eyes were already on him from being a songwriter. Trūst knew that his first single needed to be his best song he’s written and that is exactly what it turned out to be.

The track “Soon Come” is a soon R&B release that has every making of a hit song. Starting with the production of the track, it includes interesting vocal chops paired with an arpeggiated chord progression that loops throughout the track. Once Trūst comes in with his vocals, it’s clear that he is a major contender in the music industry with his vocalist abilities.

Having a background in music since a young age has proven to be instrumental in the success of Trūst’s new artist career. He first was able to begin as a songwriter and then was able to transition to releasing music under his own brand. Now shocking his new fans with expert production and sound, he is well on his way to be a major contender in 2020. 

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