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The young innovator – Maher Alkhawndi

Maher Alkhawndi was not born with a silver spoon. He has a background where being a businessman is hard because we all fear losing, and that is why we cannot take the necessary risk to manage our business.

Life story:

Maher was born in a middle-class family, but he bigger dreams. He always dreamt of becoming an innovator so that he can serve humanity in the field of technology. He always used to study great innovators’ lives, and he tried his best to adopt the ways of living of those innovators. Following his dreams, he graduated in Computer engineering. After completing his graduation, he dedicated his life to inventing a technology that the world has never seen before.

Life as an innovator:

He once had an interview in which he was asked the question about life as an innovator. The interviewer asked him what one should do when facing a moment in which he had to take some risks. He replied:

“An innovator should know that taking risks are like taking chances, and these chances can lead one to a greatest discovery or invention. Some great innovators that I have read motivate others to get interested in the field and some promote risk taking thoughts. Risk taking means inviting new ideas and tender with disappointments, seeing every risk as a chance to understand something rather taking your failure as a punishment.” – Maher

Someone asked him about the mindset that an innovator should have. He replied:

“A good and talented innovator always has to be patient because he should know that his ideas cannot come true in a single implementation. Innovators should be attracted for other people who are interested in the same field so that their thoughts can bring new ideas and ultimately new inventions. With this mindset, they gather around as rational-thinker. When these rational-thinkers and their ideas are gathered together, the whole picture can be turned around in a positive manner” – Maher.

Someone asked him about the attitude that an innovator should have. He replied:

“As an innovator, you should really have to patient no matter the situation. A good innovator always works for humanity as the first priority and then himself. One should always stay positive because he cannot say that his thoughts can become into reality in a single try. Stay committed and you will see your thought becoming true in an expected way.” – Maher.

Someone asked him about his life as a businessman and the hardships he had to face during his journey. He replied:

“I always dreamt of becoming an innovator and a business man. But never in my most horrified dreams, I never thought that this could be so much difficult. When I was studying in London, my feeling and emotions of becoming a business man were very strong. Nobody believed me then but I believed in myself. Struggles and hard ships were always there to stop me, and they are still here as a matter of fact, but I am never going to stop.” – Maher.

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