Louisiana drug laws

At the state of Louisiana, every medication charge is a significant drug charge. Officials take the Drug War into a new degree and work to punish offenders badly. If you’re confronted with possession charges at New Orleans or anywhere in the country of Louisiana, you will need somebody on your side battling for the very best outcome possible on your day in court. On 6/30/15 does decrease a few of the penalties for marijuana possession, however Louisiana is still one of the toughest countries for drug legislation.

Charged with Drug Possession?

A lot of folks don’t believe drug possession charges are something to be concerned about–that supply or trafficking charges would be the sole “serious” drug fees. However, these folks are mistaken. The penalties for a drug possession conviction can be quite severe and can change your life radically. It’s possible to go from hanging out with buddies to sitting in a prison cell in a matter of hours. If convicted, you then need to deal with the problems of having a criminal record–disclosing it upon job programs for the remainder of your life. When avoiding these impacts is on very top of your worries, a regional criminal defense attorney can assist.

Marijuana Possession

In Louisiana, possession of marijuana hasn’t yet been decriminalized. As a consequence, that you will not be given a ticket for owning pot–you’ll be detained. The cost and potential punishment you face depends upon your history. For those who have prior convictions for a crime similar to this, you’ll be penalized more seriously. For below 14 G, A first crime marijuana possession conviction includes a possible 15 days in prison and $300 in fines under the new law. More than 14 g, an initial crime marijuana possession charge nevertheless has the capacity for up to 6 months in prison and $500 in fines. A second crime certainty of marijuana ownership is presently a misdemeanor around 6 months in prison and a $1,000 fine. This will save you the problem of jail or jail time. There’s also a new “second opportunity” provision which may make it possible for you to have a 1st offense conviction expunged after two years without any additional crimes.

Louisiana Drug Possession Penalties

Louisiana drug laws categorized prices for drug possession on the medication you’re accused of owning. Schedule II drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamines take a potential five years in prison and $5,000 in penalties. Such as steroids, can continue to five years in prison, with or without hard labor, as well as $5,000 in penalties. These potential penalties are severe. But when you admit to the crime, you’ve got choices. A Regional criminal defense Lawyer can help clarify how Louisiana medication possession laws apply in your situation, which means that you are able to explore these choices within an

Attempt to protect against the worst possible results in court. Let’s put you into contact using a local attorney now.

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