How to do your nails at home

We get it, salon nails look great and can be a lot of fun when playing up different looks for your nail design. But, salon visits add up over time and your wallet gets the brunt of it. 

However, if you think you can only get quality salon nails from the salon, you need to think again. You can do your acrylic nails customized to your design and fit from the comfort of your home. So, instead of wasting money at the salon, try ditching the salon for your manicure at home with the following ways you too can do your nails at home. 

Prep Before You Start

Before you begin any nail work, be sure you prep your nail workspace first. Since you will be working a lot on your nails, it’s good to make sure you have a clean and clear workspace. It’s best to find a flat surface like a table or a counter to work on so you can move around easily and organize all of your manicure supplies and materials. 

Also, be sure you have all of your supplies ready beforehand. It’s not only annoying but can even get messy if you begin the process of doing your nails and then remember you forgot something you needed, thus getting up and moving around to find it, possibly ruining the progress you have made on your nails. 

Clean Your Nails

Once you have created a clean and organized workspace, you will then need to get to work on cleaning your nails. Make sure you are clipping, shaping, and pushing your cuticles back so that your nails are in perfect and healthy condition. 

Applying any acrylics on unprepared nails will increase the chances of your acrylic nails either falling off or breaking or cracking or ruining the health of your natural nail. Also, be sure you are moisturizing your nails in addition to cleaning them. Look for nourishing oils that you can rub both into your nails and cuticles. This will also ensure the nail and the skin around it will stay healthy. 

Select The Nail Design You Want 

Now that your nails are clean and ready, the fun part begins, which is selecting your nail design. You can either choose press-on nail kits, which are the easiest and most professional looking acrylics out there, or you can create some on your own. 

Have some fun with it. With press-on kits, they typically come with a design on the nail and all you have to do is apply them per the directions. This is the easiest way to design your nails. Another way is to find your clear acrylic and make designs of your own or add your polish. Whichever you choose to do, play around with different designs and see what your creativity can inspire. 

Size and Apply Acrylic Nails

Now that you have chosen your design and are ready to apply, the next step is to size and apply the acrylic nails to your natural nail. First, you will need to make sure all of the acrylic nails from your kit or the ones you designed yourself fit your nail. 

Place each of the nails from the kit on your fingernail to make sure it is the right shape. If the shape is too big, you can always use a tool such as a nail file to gently file away the access until it fits your finger. Once all of the nails are filed to fit, you can then apply the nail glue to each nail and gently apply it to each finger, one at a time, and apply gentle pressure to ensure that it is sticking. 

Also, always follow your acrylic nail kit before you apply the glue and attach it to the nail for specific instructions. 

Get Salon Nails From Home

Doing your nails from home doesn’t have to be expensive and time-consuming. There are many different ways you can get inexpensive tools and supplies to prepare your nails as well as press-on acrylic nail kits that will do all the work for you in half the time and half the cost. 

Doing your nails at home also allows you the freedom to play around with different designs as well as shapes. 

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