Ekol Hospitals Private Aviation

Ekol Hospitals Private Aviation


Ekol International Hospitals, founded in 2007 in İzmir, Turkey, continues to be the biggest health tourism provider for the Irish and British Citizens.

Preferred by 200+ patients from England and Ireland monthly, Ekol International Hospitals is to be the first to fly the patients with a private Airbus from Dublin and London in January, 2021.

A Private Flight For the Patients

“We have more than 200 patients from the United Kingdom monthly and this made us think about a private Airbus that we can fly from Dublin and London airports at the beginning of the new year.” Stated Mr. Baz,  Ekol International Hospitals Board Member, and continued “ We are always after innovative ideas and solutions in the healthcare services. The satisfaction of our patients is always our first priority and we want to make everything easier for our patients especially for the ones from overseas. Then, we came up with the idea of a private Airbus in which we can have our patients and fly them to İzmir at once. Patients were hesitant about the flights and airlines because of the unstable flight schedules and last minute cancellations by the carriers so we were sure that this private flight would make our patients feel more comfortable and help them when making their decisions about the medical procedures that they’re after.”

First Flight Ever for Patients-only

“We normally have medical procedure packages including the flights and the hotels but nowadays the airline carriers are making last minute cancellations and the flight schedules are very unstable due to Covid situation that we are in. Our team is now working on the private charter package for any kind of medical treatment that our patients from Ireland and England are considering. This flight will be the first private Airbus that a hospital is flying for its patients.” stated Mr. Baz , Ekol International Hospitals Board Member.

All Included Medical Package  

This package will be an all-inclusive medical package depending on the patients’ individual needs. Each patient will receive his or her desired medical procedure or treatment and the package will include all the expenses. Hotel accommodation in a worldwide known chain hotel, hospital stay, flights including in-flight catering, transportation, internet connections, personal assistance, medication, protein shakes, body garments, multivitamins and breakfast at the hotel will be included in the package.

“Everything the patient needs will be included in the package so all they need to do is to get in touch with our team and let them know that they are interested. Our team is experienced about tailor – made treatment plans for our patients and guests.  Therefore, everything will be ready for them when they meet our member at the airport of Dublin and Stansted.” stated Mr. Baz, the board member of Ekol International Hospitals.

The flight will depart on 11.01.2021 from Dublin and Stansted airports and fly to İzmir with the patients. The return flight will be on 18.01.2021 from İzmir airport to Stansted and Dublin. The flight will include COVID tests, in-flight meals and the seat plan will be arranged according to the pandemic precautions.

Your Journey with Ekol Hospitals is Safe, Simple, and Secure

Thanks to the Ekol International Hospitals Surgeons, Nurses, Care Takers, Ekol International Patients Team and every other team member, the journey of our patients with us is Safe, Simple and Secure.

The patient oriented service mentality, the most modern equipment and devices, the state of the art technology units, the operation theatres, and the innovative service presentation make Ekol International Hospitals number one in their field and this makes patients rely on them with every single procedure and intervention they will receive in their Safe, Simple and Secure journey.

Ekol International Hospitals is Now Waiting for its Lucky 120 Patients To Fly With the Private Airbus!

Visit our Website: https://www.ekolhospitals.com/

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