Best Essential Oils to Add to Your Bath

It seems that essential oils are being used for everything these days and for good reason. From adding them to rooms to freshen the air or clear your mind to putting them in wax burners for a more subtle touch, essential oils are all the rage when it comes to relaxing in your home. And with so many options and abilities to combine essential oils to make amazing scents, its no wonder more people are adding them to their homes.

But did you also know you can also add essential oils to your bath? Baths are great ways to relax and unwind from the day but adding in some essentials oils can really clear your mind and feel rejuvenated. We’ve selected the following essential oils that you should be stocking up on and using as part of your bath ritual. 


When most people think of a scent that is relaxing, lavender most likely comes to mind. Since its discovery, lavender has always had a very relaxing and calming effect on those who use it. The calming effect of lavender can also increase your mood and even help you sleep at night. So if you find yourself having trouble sleeping, add a couple of drops of lavender to your bath ritual and you might even find yourself trying not to fall asleep in your bath. 


You probably could recognize sandalwood by it’s scent before you even knew what it was. Sandalwood is extremely popular in many air fresheners and perfumes so you have most likely experienced the scent before. 

Hailing from one of the most sought-after trees in East India, Sandalwood is also used heavily in aromatherapy, which is an approach to increasing your overall health and wellbeing through the use of natural remedies. Adding Sandalwood essential oils to a warm or hot bath will give you mental clarity and enhance your overall well being


Adding Rose oil to your bath is not only another way to calm and relax you but can also help with other ailments as well. Rose oil is great for relieving menstrual discomfort, can help with depression and can also increase your sex drive. 

So next time you are drawing a bath, either for yourself or to enjoy it with someone else, add a few drops of Rose oil to really get everyone involved feeling amazing.


In addition to using essential oils to help calm your mental well being, try using essential oils that are great for aches and pains such as Lemongrass. Lemongrass oil is wonderful to use for all of your muscle soreness. 

This tropical scent that is usually used in cooking and other pain relieving medicines, will be great to add to your essential oil bath ritual to give your mind and body the relaxation it deserves. 


If you suffer from chronic or seasonal allergies, there is also an essential oil you can add to your bath to help with that. Eucalyptus oil is great for adding to warm or hot baths because when the oils mix with the warm moisture of your bath, it creates vapors that can loosen any congestion and alleviate any inflammation in your sinuses. 

So if you are battling a nasty cough, cold or those pesky allergies, add some Eucalyptus oil to your bath and you will get the relief you are needing to feel better. 


Speaking of oils that help with congestion, Peppermint oil is also a great essential oil to add to your relaxing bath. Like Eucalyptus, Peppermint can help relieve congestion due to sinuses or colds. Peppermint is also great for healing stubborn headaches and calming a fussy stomach. 

Next time you feel a headache coming on, are having discomfort with your stomach or need something to calm your congestion, draw a bath and add some Peppermint oil for instant relief. 

Adding Essential Oils to Your Bath Does Wonders

Adding essential oils to your bath can really elevate your bath experience. Many of these essential bath oils listed can also be added together to create all sorts of wonderful and soothing scents for your bath time. 

Be sure you are adding carrier oil versions of these essential oils to your bath as that is better for your skin and steer clear of adding concentrated oils instead. Carrier oils will ensure the water and oils are blended beautifully to allow you the wonderful bath you deserve to indulge in. 

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