In the current climate of modern-day Hip-Hop/Rap, fans are constantly searching for the next hot rapper to emerge into the limelight. Scrolling through social media, and even music streaming services can be a way to discover new talent, but when a true once in a lifetime artist begins to make their way to the big screen It is clear to each and every one of us Hip-Hop heads.

Baby face Jay, originally from the state of Mississippi has recently moved to Rochester NY to begin his music career. Coming here with only $2,000 dollars in his pocket he has put everything he has into his career. Jay says “My goal is to spread love and meaningful music to the youth and someday become bigger than DaBaby” Already creating a large buzz from his first freestyle posted on social media, he has the potential to blow up very soon. His first single releasing early next week “Me Vs Me” will be a “hit” according to his team.

His hard working attributes and immense talent will accelerate him to the top of the industry in the next coming months. I look forward to watching Jay’s growth and development as well as the moves he makes with his team in the near future. 

After spending hours and hours in the studio, he and his team think it’s time that he becomes the superstar he is bound to be. With his unique voice and incredible talent to switch from rapping to singing he is bound to be at the top of his area in no time.

Baby Face Jay recently signed to WBN Records based out of Rochester New York, led by Luke Masaschi and Cameron Smith, have the potential to start something new in the music industry and put Rochester New York on the map.

As Jay and his team discuss future plans, they want to drop a few singles right away and then get working on his debut EP, calling it “Introduction”. Jay claims that “I want my music to be a story and with calling my first EP introduction I think that is the best thing for me.

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