Add some Glam to your Teeth with Cosmetic Dentistry

Growing older doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be less attractive. While personality, generosity and friendship matter a great deal, maintaining your self-confidence with attractive physical features, is a noble cause to pursue. On the other hand, your teeth also happen to be amongst some of the most prominent features, displaying your outer beauty & lighting up your face for the world to see.

Unfortunately, as you age, if you don’t look after your teeth carefully, they can lose some of their shine; with a few cavities making their way on the surface of your enamel & others going deeper to reach the root – essentially removing all of the vital functions and freezing the teeth into time. While complacency can be a factor leading to this troubling outcome or simply blissful neglect (for a variety of reasons); ultimately the price you pay can lead to a series of lasting dental problems.

While not all dental issues can be fixed with the use of a magic wand, thankfully cosmetic dentistry has come to the rescue of many adults & seniors; much of it being the result of modern science and years of research which have culminated in the creation of effective cosmetic dental solutions, bringing you that Colgate smile as you age.

Cosmetic dentistry not only helps with issues related to poor dental hygiene, but also those who might have been injured, thus leading to the damage of various areas inside of your mouth. Therefore, its purpose is not always purely for the sake of self-confidence, but also to help repair aspects of your teeth which sincerely need your attention. 


Certain symptoms should be attended too with great attention, as they are red flags of any lingering problem(s):

  1. Whenever you feel tooth sensitivity, it may indicate a mild to moderate problem (hot or cold foods?)
  2. When teeth start losing color, it could be due to dentin loss or enamel erosion
  3. Certain seniors get periodontal disease or other factors leading to tooth loss
  4. Bleeding caused by your gums, due to inadequate or improper brushing
  5. Dry mouth can lead to many dental problems which may lead to more severe problems  
  6. Do not delay the treatment of any infections, as this could lead to greater problems down the line

Possible Solutions for Seniors to their Dental Problems:

Tooth Whitening

Whitening is a popular treatment for seniors, especially for those who have stains on their teeth & are looking to remove them. To be fair, it does make sense, since having an impeccable mouth can be seen as a “window to your smile”. A beautiful smile enhances your personality and gives you confidence, regardless of your age or gender.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Not every senior is up for this type of treatment, however if you are considering a full mouth reconstructive approach to your dental problems, it might be a lasting solution to any to your ongoing problems. A team member of a Calgary cosmetic dentistry office recently reminded some of its older patients to explore all options, should they have the funds and desire, this could very well be a good choice.

Bonding between the teeth

To ensure a desirable outcome, the patient should expect the bonding with the highest level of excellence. Essentially, bonding offers relief to ease sensitivity. It also helps heal small cracks. It’s also interesting to point, that teeth bonding has been a historically cost-effective solution for patients looking to make dental improvements.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers have gained quite a bit in popularity over the years, across the full age spectrum. Having them installed in your mouth (they cover your teeth basically) is one way to fix a variety of unpleasant cosmetic dental features. Off-course, the downside is the attention required to upkeep those shinny beauties, year-round.

Dental Implants

Dental implants pretty much consist of what the name spells out “implanting” a “tooth”. A good amount of preparation is involved by the dentist & drills them into your jaw in order to run a fixture (so to speak). Once you have them in place and the process is completed, patients are often advised to avoid abrasive products, floss frequently and keep hard foods at a distance.

Additional Resources

As the R&D continues to evolve in the dental field, seniors should consider keeping an eye on the latest solutions before making a final choice. If you take a quick look online, there should be plenty of information you can find from reputable sources, including the various local & national dental associations, health & research articles etc.

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