Your Goal Into Fitness: Dos and Don’ts On What To Wear During A Yoga Class

Signing up for yoga classes with physiotherapy Burlington will escalate your flexibility, enhance your muscle strength, reduce your stress and develop your concentration. But before you can gain these benefits, you have to know the basics, especially about the appropriate clothes that you should use to class. 

If you have finally decided to enroll in a yoga class, you should know beforehand the appropriate workout clothes. The dress code for yoga is much more complicated as it’s a substantially difficult exercise. It’s not all about wearing loose and comfortable attire. 

Wearing the right clothes will give caution to others and your instructor because you don’t want your decolletage to be on full display, right? For a little help, here are some dos and don’ts you need to put in mind when it comes to proper attire during a yoga class.

Please Do Find The Proper Fit

Proper fitting clothes raise people’s self-esteem and assist in helping to get the best out of yoga. You have to respect other people in attendance not to see any fair share of flesh. Wear your real size, don’t push wearing tight and ill-fitting clothes as it will only make you feel uneasy and uncomfortable. 

Don’t Wear A Too Revealing Outfit


Be careful on wearing tank tops that expose much of your cleavage. It creates a distraction for you and the people around you. You come in yoga classes to be fit not to show your skin.

Make sure the top is long enough to cover your chest. When purchasing for yoga apparels, make sure to test the items by squatting and doing a few deep stretches.

Do Wear The Proper Underwear

Wearing the right underwear is critical.  The last thing you would want to happen is to become a center of attention due to your peeking undies. Make sure to wear only underwear with full coverage or wear thongs to ensure that your hips, butt, stomach, and crotch are well covered. 

Don’t Buy See-Through Yoga Pants


It is stretchy and elastic that’s why some people are confused at first glance. You should take into consideration the yoga pants. Make sure that it is thick and stretchable to make sure your undies are safe from peeking out.

Inspect its sheerness. Try it out by bending forward with your behind towards the mirror. When you have worn it for a long time, its sheerness will increase.

Do Care Of The Air Others Breathe

Wearing perfume in a yoga class is as displeasing as a body odor. Be mindful of others. Try not to drench yourself in aromas when you are still sweating in a confined space. Keep in mind that rolling up wet mats with a towel or your yoga outfit into a bag, it will likely have a strong odor.

Unload Yourself From Jewelry Pieces

Wearing plenty of jewelry is not appropriate during a yoga class. Save it for occasions outside the yoga room. It may cause an accident while exercising. For instance, if you are wearing a necklace with a heavy pendant it can smack you in the forehead or worst.

Also, earrings can grab your hair and harm your earlobes while transitioning quickly. Wear earrings that have substantial support. Avoid using loud or dangling jewelry. But, if you really are going to wear accessories, wear them modestly. 

Do Wear A Fitted Full-length Leggings

Wear proper fitted full-length leggings. Make sure that your butt is well-covered. Also, make sure that the material hugs your legs, absorbs your sweat and gives you the ability to do some balancing postures with no worries. 

Don’t Wear Short Spandex and Loose Shorts

Wearing shorts is not appropriate for yoga classes. It is also perfect for running or some stamina exercise at home. You do not want to expose your private parts during yoga, hence wear appropriate clothes and feel confident when doing positions like bending or holding your leg way up in the air. 

Short spandex and baggy shorts tend to rise when you move, and all you have to do is to pull it down every minute. So do not wear loose or short shorts during yoga classes. 


Attending yoga classes from physiotherapy Burlington is a way for you to be fit and healthy. You should keep in mind that you cannot be informal around your instructor and to other people. Know what you should wear beforehand. You should wear clothes that are proper and appropriate for the activity. Thus, it is essential that you know the dos and don’ts of the proper attire during yoga classes.

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